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Travel to South Yorkshire and Silvermoor with Tracy Rees

  • Submitted: 1st April 2020

The inspiration behind Yorkshire's Silvermoor Author Tracy Rees has written some really interesting books. She has taken readers on a literary treasure trail in Amy…

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Sail away on Wilder Seas with Nikki Marmery

  • Submitted: 30th March 2020

A BookTrail across Wilder Seas with Nikki Marmery Sail away on Wilder Seas with Nikki Marmery - On Wilder Seas is the story of Maria, who sailed…

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A setting of calm with Stephanie Lam

  • Submitted: 25th March 2020

Unfrazzle your mind and your reading Stephanie Lam is the author of Castaway House, the novel set in the huge and dilapidated manor called Castaway…

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Travel with the songs of Jane Sanderson’s Mix Tape

  • Submitted: 22nd March 2020

Mix Tape songs by Jane Sanderson Chatting to an author anytime is good, but when one has music infused into her novel....even better! Particularly apt…

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Literary settings in crime novels by Trevor Wood

  • Submitted: 17th March 2020

Trevor Wood is the Man on the Street Streets are important to Trevor Wood. So are parks, avenues, rivers and bridges...all very good settings in…

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Featured Book

On Wilder Seas

1579: Inspired by  a real story of Francis Drake and the only woman on board the Golden Hind…

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