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Best BookTrails of September 2023

  • Submitted: 31st August 2023

Best BookTrails of September 2023

September is the start of Autumn, that ‘back to school’ reading time where the nights get darker and the hot chocolate comes out.

These are the books I think you should be travelling with when or if you can’t travel for real. I mean, the weather is turning a bit cold so why not cuddle up on your armchair with one of these?

Best booktrails of september 2023


Once a Monster Robert DinsdaleLondon

Once a Monster Robert Dinsdale

Plot – A Greek myth retold with a modern twist

Set – London’s Docklands

Feels: Gothic, Dickensian and very atmospheric

Scale of love: I loved this. Stunning!



The Hidden Years Rachel HoreCornwall

The Hidden Years – Rachel Hore

Plot – Secrets, loss and betrayal on the beautiful Cornish coast

Set – Cornwall during the war.

Feels: Emotional, poignant and beautiful with a hint of romance

Scale of love: Very emotional read!



Stargazers Harriet EvansLondon, Sussex, Gloucestershire

Stargazers Harriet Evans

Plot – How can you ever know yourself when you were deprived of love as a child?

Set – England in the 1970s

Feels: Emotional, sad and will make you think

Scale of love: Heartbreaking!



The Mysterious Double Death of Honey Black Lisa HallHollywood

The Mysterious Double Death of Honey Black – Lisa Hall

Plot -you know she has been murdered. Can you stop it happening twice?

Set – Hollywood 1940s and 2019

Feels: Mysterious and fascinating

Scale of love: Twisty and a lot of fun!




Where will you go? Happy literary travels!

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