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Best BookTrails of June 2023

  • Submitted: 1st June 2023

Best BookTrails of June 2023

Happy Autumn! This is one of my favourite times of year. The dark nights are drawing in, the crisp autumn leaves will soon fall from the trees, and the chance to grab a hot chocolate and sit and read a book suddenly sounds VERY appealing.

Best BookTrails of June 2023


So where can you expect to travel this month?

Balearic  islands, The Hamptons,


The Villa Ruth Kelly

Balearic Islands

The Villa by Ruth Kelly

Love Island meets The Hunger Games

Sexy, thrilling, twisty and a darn good time to be had!






The Beach Holiday Isabelle BroomThe Hamptons

The Beach Holiday by Isabelle Broom

Romance, intrigue and soul searching on a sole holiday

Sunshine, drama and things to think about.

Destination fiction





The Birdcage Library Freya Berry

Scotland, London, New York City

The Birdcage Library by Freya Berry

A ruined castle and a hidden diary

Inspired by the explorer Freya Stark

Gothic and historical




The Launch Party Lauren Forry

The Moon!

The Launch Party – Lauren Forry

a competition that goes rogue

Imagine actually going to the moon as part of a game show?






Hokey Pokey Kate Mascarenhas



Hokey Pokey by Kate Mascarenhas

upstairs, downstairs goings on

intrigue and an isolated hotel

The Regent Hotel in Birmingham is a place of deception and glamour.

historical fiction



Enjoy your literary holidays, travelling by book or hopefully in real life if you can!

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