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Books with animals on the cover

  • Submitted: 4th December 2022

Covers with animals on them

Not that I would ever say to judge a book purely by it’s covers but sometimes, the cute animal on the cover makes me pick it up.  You as well? The books in question might not even focus on the animal in question but it might give out clever clues as to what you can find within the pages……

Books with animals on the cover


The White Hare Jane JohnsonWhite Hare

Cornwall- historical fiction – Jane Johnson

Classic example of where the animal is central to the plot. Two women want to renovate a house but then they find that the house might hold a secret or two. Its location is key to the plot as the White Valley comes with a long, eventful history, laced with tall tales. Locals say that a white hare may be seen running through the woods there; to some she’s an ill omen, to others a blessing.




That Bonesetter Woman Frances QuinnLions

That Bonesetter Woman – London – historical fiction – Frances Quinn

The lions in this book aren’t exactly central to the story but they do play a key role. There used to be lions living in the Tower of London and it’s where she meets someone who will become very important to her. She also studies the lions, how they move and how their bone structure is to really learn how to be a bonesetter. Not a job for a woman in those days you see.




Reptile Memories Silje UlsteinA Snake

Reptile Memoirs – Norway – literary fiction – Silje Ulstein

A weird one this as it’s not just a snake that is in the book but more the idea of a snake. How a person can start over by shedding their skin for example. This is much more than just a novel with a snake as a central character or  symbol.





Death in the East Abir MukherjeeBirds

Death in the East – India – crime fiction – Abir Muckerjee

On the cover, you can see a flock of birds. They have a very interesting role in this story.  We go off to Jatinga, Assam to experience a very odd and unsettling event. As the novel opens, birds are flying to their deaths. No one can explain why they appear to be killing themselves on purpose in this way. It’s happening over a small area in the town and it’s very noticeable as it’s such a small and rural population. The country’s experts can’t explain why this is happening but it adds  very interesting background information to the story.



Miss benson's beetle rachel joyce


Miss Benson’s Beetle – New Caledonia – fiction – Rachel Joyce

The beetles on the cover really do ilustrate the story and themes within. Miss Benson goes half way around the workd to find a very special one. It’s a lovely journey and we go with her every step of the way. Miss Benson and her assistant are drawn into an adventure that will exceed every expectation. They will risk everything, break all the rules, and at the top of a red mountain, discover their best selves.



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