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Literary scenes in books : Seances

  • Submitted: 20th July 2021

Literary scenes of seances in novels

There’s that very famous seance scene in Ghost the movie that we all remember. What about those in books? How do they make you feel and would you be tempted to take part in one yourself after reading them? It would probably make most people really want to get involved in any of the situations in the books below in real life….

Literary scenes in books : Seances

So sssh everyone….. time to concentrate and turn down the lights….

Literary scenes in books : Seances

The Sittaford Mystery – Agatha Christie

Can a seance lead to murder? The word M-U-R-D-E-R is spelt out when a group of people just whittling away a few hours one winter night. They might soon start to regret that…..

The Shape of Darkness by Laura Purcell

The Shape of Darkness by Laura Purcell

A struggling silhouette artist in Victorian Bath seeks out a renowned child spirit medium in order to speak to the dead – and to try and identify their killers. This is a very creepy and clever novel. Ooh you will feel chills down your spine!

Literary scenes in books : Seances

The Darker Arts by Oscar de Muriel

The tagline of this novel is simply: A seance, six dead people. One survivor…

Could you want any more! An excellent read!

Literary scenes in books : Seances

The Ghost Hunters by Neil Spring

Based on a true story and a seance and exploration that did take place. This is one of the creepiest novels I have ever read!

Literary scenes in books : Seances

Mrs Poe by Lynn Cullen

A mystery based on true facts but with a large sprinkling of artistic license which makes a tale about one of the most mysterious writers very very intriguing! Edgar Allan Poe and seances make for one heck of a chilly novel!


Well, are you brave enough to read one of the above?



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