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Bookish holidays that go wrong

  • Submitted: 3rd August 2021

Travel without problems by going literary style

This year, it’s still uncertain if we can travel or not, and where we can go if we get the chance to go at all. So, why not read about some disastorous trips in books that will make you feel better? Imagine that this  might have been your  holiday this year, so things have only got to get better next year, right?

Bookish holidays that go wrong

Survive the Night Riley Sager

The journey itself

Survive the Night Riley Sager

Wherever you’re going, don’t be getting in a car with a stranger. Not the one in this book, that’s for sure. Trouble is, he’s not really a stranger as the girl who gets in the car knows he’s from her college. So, that’s ok, right? Well, no. Trapped in a car with a stranger driving across remote America… at night. Riley Sager has one crazy mind….

The Beach House Beverley Jones

A beach house

The Beach house by Beverly Jones

We’ve all fancied a bit of a holiday in a beach house, right? Imagine waking up to the sounds of waves every day, have coffee on the patio and wave to the early morning swimmers. Sadly none of that happens here, as the woman staying in the beach house has an unexpected and unwelcome guest and it all goes very wrong from there…………..

moonflower murders anthony horowitz

A hotel stay?

Moonflower Murders by Anthony Horowitz

A woman who used to live in England has moved to a gorgeous Greek island but is called back to England to investigate a mystery. There’s a hotel and a body has been found…. There’s been a wedding but the bride has disappeared. A holiday back home and a honeymoon that has gone very wrong indeed. Two for the price of one in this book!

The Guest House

Why not try a nice B and B?

The Guest House by Abbie Frost

You book an Air BnB but it turns out to be very different to how you imagined.  There are other people staying in the house. Strange people. Strangers. It’s hardly the welcome you wished for. Soon, you will be wanting to leave. Wish you were here? Not in this book!

The Beresford Will Carver

Watch out for the hotel

The Beresford Will Carver

You wouldn’t want to stay in The Beresford. That Will Carver built it for a start and he’s the concierge with a mission. He serves up evil and terror and provides room service you really don’t want in real life. In a thriller such as this one, though……………… Welcome to the Beresford. This is so unlike any hotel you have ever stayed at.

Happy holidays! Haha



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