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Five books set in Spain

  • Submitted: 23rd March 2021

Five books to travel with to Spain – #BookTrailLiteraryTour

Spain is always a popular place to travel to, but it’s also very touristy. So, what can you do that’s just a bit different off the beaten track?

Five books set in Spain

Summer in Andalucia Lucy Coleman

Sun in Andalucia

Book Trail locations in Summer in Andalucia 

There’s cooking in this book. Lots of it. Some of it in a monastery. The author actually went to a real place where she learned how to cook as they do in the novel. The setting often provides the story she said, and she stayed at the very fabulously sounding Hotel Monasterio de San Fransciso in Palma del Rio (Cordoba) and this totally enchanted Lucy who immediately knew she wanted to write about it.

The Orange Grove Rosanna Ley

Oranges in Seville

BookTrail locations in The Orange Grove

The title of the book says it all  – the Orange Grove. Set in Seville, this is a story about a woman wanting to set up a shop in England called Bitter Orange so she travels to the city of Oranges in order to research products. There’s tours of the city with the characters, scented treats and a whole range of glorious orange tasting to be had…

The Diver and the Lover Jeremy Vine


Book Trail locations in The Diver and The Lover 

A bit of art here. This novel looks at Salvador Dali and his life in Catalonia. Meredith in the novel is fascinated by modern art and longs to meet the famous surrealist….Port Lligat is the main Spanish setting of the novel. This is where Salvador Dali lived and the house is now a museum. There’s even a beach named after him. Perfect for reading this book on!

hello again isabelle broom

Hello Again in Barcelona

Booktrail locations in Hello, Again 

Isabelle Broom can always be relied on to create inviting places in her novels. She loves to evoke settings so clearly and vividly that you feel you’re there. Just read these snippets: “They drove through the wonderfully chaotic Spanish city. Barcelona was a place that overflowed with life. From the bonnet-to-bumper stream of traffic on the roads to the endlessly bobbing sea of tourists spilling along the pavements…”

“Barcelona was a carnival in comparison, and every surface, statue and upturned face was basking in brilliant sunshine.”

A Vineyard in Andalusia

And finally…A Vineyard in Andalusia?

Booktrail locations in A Vineyard in Andalucia

You can’t visit Spain without going to a vineyard. This story looks at a ruined silver-mine owner who sets sail from Mexico City to seek his fortune in the New World. There’s a lot of insight into Jerez and vineyards. You’ll be pouring a glass before you know it.


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