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Books set in Australia

  • Submitted: 24th September 2019

Turn your world upside down with books set down under

OF course for those of you living in Australia, this is not going to have the same ring to it, but you still need to take a look at books set in and around your vast country. It’s somewhere I’ve never been but have always wanted to go to. The flight time doesn’t really put me off as well, think of all the uninterrupted reading time! People bringing you drinks etc…I would need a paperwhite kindle though for when the lights went off….or a torch…think of all those words flying over the oceans and the many many countries as you read!

Books set in Australia

Books set in Australia

Tempting to visit? Here’s a guide BookTrail style

Not sure if to travel or to move out there?

The Chance of a Lifetime by Kendra Smith

A new start or a case of just taking your problems with you? Could you imagine living in a new city or in the back of beyond? What would you do as your husband worked? No family support? Or how about the greatest adventure to the other side of the world?

Trust Me I’m Dead by Sherryl Clark

A woman looking for her drug addicted brother who has gone missing in Melbourne. Only she finds out that he’s been clean for a while. So , what happened? The settings are background to the family dramas being played out in the story. We shift from one suburb to another, from one street to the next tracing family stories, family history and more.

Books set in Australia

If You Could Go Anywhere by Paige Toon

Aah that question that travellers have such a problem to answer! If it is Australia however this is a good novel for getting that sense of wanderlust all fired up and your curiosity ramped up too. There’s LOTS of travelling in this one. And a visit to Italy at the same time? A package holiday in a book.

The Geography of Friendship by Sally Piper

Hiking in the Australian bush must be a wonderful adventure. Going trekking or climbing along mountain ridges and exploring nature is surely the best way to spend time. But take care who you go with if this novel is anything to go by!

Books set in Australia

Scrublands by Chris Hammer

There’s something about novels set in the outback that makes them so compelling, but this novel takes it to new heights. This is a world of ghostly memories and buried secrets. The landscape is evoked with style from the start and it shimmers in the Australian heat throughout.

Atmospheric, great writing and recommended!

Books set in Australia


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