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Reading books set in Ireland on St Patrick’s Day

  • Submitted: 17th March 2019

There’s no better time to read a book set in Ireland is there? Well, you could argue every day is a good day to read a book set in Ireland or anywhere else for that matter. And you would be right. But for the purposes of St Patrick’s Day, why not pick up one of these and read with a green drink, or a cake with green icing…Reading books set in Ireland on St Patrick’s Day is the best way to celebrate!

A bag of green fruit gums as a book snack works equally well!

Five books set in ireland


Five books set in ireland

Reading books set in Ireland on St Patrick’s Day…

Last Ones Left Alive – Sarah Davis-Goff

A fictional island off the West coast of Ireland. A deadly threat…….now you know with a premise like that, it’s going to be good. The Last Ones Left Alive is a dystopian and chilling tale of something otherworldly. Slanbeg, an island off the west coast of Ireland is the setting and even though it’s not real, boy, it seems very real in this novel! The threat is the ravening menace known as the skrake. If you are bitten, you had better be aware….


The Wynch Elm – Tana French

Off to Dublin with this read and a rather interesting setting  – a skull buried underneath a tree…and in the grounds of a grand childhood home. The Ivy House here might not be real but the city of Dublin, the backdrop to the novel, is very real and very interesting. It’s the normality and familiarity to the fictional and very unsettling Ivy House and that Elm tree in the grounds….


Five books set in ireland

Dirty Little Secrets – Jo Spain

This author! If you haven’t got a Spain book on your TBR list, get one now. She’s good and knows how to pull and push you around a plot with red herrings and intrigue to get you hauled right in. This time, it might be a fictional housing estate – a cul de sac – which is familiar to many Irish towns and cities. Of course a cul-de-sac is a dead end…and this time there’s a dead body in one of them……


Five books set in ireland

The Watch House – Bernie McGill

Set in 1898, this is a fascinating story. It’s the story of Marconi and the advent of the radio …from a small Irish island…The Watch House brings history to life in a very unique way and it’s a fascinating read.

When All is Said – Anne Griffin

Set in a fictional place but clearly Irish. Topped up with the Irish language, spirit and of course craic. This is largely set in a small town pub – At the bar of sits 84-year-old Maurice Hannigan who is going to toast five important people in his life. This is a story which should be enjoyed in a pub with a drink beside you to really get the sense and spirit of this read. Be warned – it’s a weepie!


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