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Books set in Newcastle upon Tyne

  • Submitted: 9th April 2019

A BookTrail Literary tour set in the city of Newcastle

With less than a month to go until Newcastle Noir takes over the city’s library, what better time than to look at a few books set in the very city itself. Some of these might appear on the trails I’m helping to create and take people on around the city. Here’s just a few to give a shout out to the fine authors who feature Newcastle in their books.

Newcastle Noir

Newcastle Noir


The city centre is known for its ornate buildings and there’s a very well- known building which features in the city’s history as well as in the Elizabeth Gill novel Snow Angels – Bessie Surtees house!

Books set in Newcastle

Snow Angels by Elizabeth Gill

In 1772 Bessie Surtees climbed out of the first-floor window of this historic house to elope with John Scott, a coal merchant’s son. Bessie’s father didn’t approve of but John had the last laugh as he became a prominent local and national figure.

In the novel, Charlotte Collingwood is linked to the Surtees family…..

The Infirmary by L J Ross

Most of this novel takes place underground and allows you to see the city from a very unique perspective – underground! You really can see the city from the tunnels underneath and this book takes that fact and plays on it in a very thrilling way.

Books set in Newcastle

Loving Geordie by Andrea Badenoch

This book is firmly set in the West End of the city. Elswick and Benwell are working class areas and terraced houses line the streets. These were primarily houses for the workers at Swan Hunters, the factory which made the tanks, and the other factory workers found up and down the Tyne. This looks at the issues and the people of the inner city areas in general, not just Newcastle.

The Prodigal by Nicky Black 

Another one for discovering the gritty side to the city – this time in the 1980s. Set in the fictional inner city Valley estate – There is a stigma surrounding the inner city estates like this one but here we see a sense of community and the problems there through the eyes of those who know.

Widdershins by Helen Steadman

Now this is a part of Newcastle history that not many people know. There were witch trials in the city centre church in the same way that Salem and Pendle had them too. Newcastle had its own set of problems and accusations of women practicing witchcraft were legendary. Very sad but a fascinating historical edge to the city!

Books set in Newcastle


And of course, no visit to Newcastle would be complete without a little mention of Vera. She shops in Fenwicks in one book!

Books set in Newcastle by Ann Cleeves here

And Mari Hannah’s three series all have scenes in Newcastle, particularly her latest one The Scandal which has a vital scene just beside the library!

Books set in Newcastle by Mari Hannah


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