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Five books set in Edinburgh – BookTrailLiteraryTour

  • Submitted: 13th August 2019

The Edinburgh Book Festival is underway so what better time than to have a look at some literary tours you can have during your time in the city?

When you’re not at a book event or in the book shop, there’s a great way to get under the skin of the city of books, comedy and Scottish banter….

Here are a few suggestions for Five books set in Edinburgh – BookTrailLiteraryTour:

Five books set in Edinburgh - BookTrailLiteraryTour

Five books set in Edinburgh - BookTrailLiteraryTour



New Town – Morningside

Old Town and Leith

The Meadows


The new town – Scotland Street



New Town – Morningside

The Darkest Arts by Oscar de Muriel

Basically every one of Oscar de Muriel’s books are perfect for getting into the gothic and supernatural overtones of the city. Gothic shadows, cobbled streets and supernatural goings on are infused into each and every page. In this latest one, there’s a seance being held in the home of a rich Morningside family. When it’s over, only one of those present is still alive. And she’s the medium who can’t remember what happened. This is full of Scottish banter, humour, heritage and the sense of place is quite something!

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Old Town and Leith

The Way of All Flesh by Ambrose Parry

Talking about gothic……well in the city known for its narrow alleyways and cobbled streets, old lamps and a general sense of magic…this is the book for you! It takes you to the shadows of the city, around Leith and the old town. You are immediately sucked into a world of vice, dark deeds and a ‘Fetid labyrinth’ that was Edinburgh in 1847.

Five books set in Edinburgh - BookTrailLiteraryTour

The Meadows

Perfect Prey by Helen Fields

This is a dark one for crime fiction fans out there with added grit and gore! In the words of the author:

“Let me start by thanking the good people if Edinburgh. Forgive me for making it the murder capital of Europe for one hot summer in this book. The truth is that I’ve rarely felt safer in any other city.”


Natural Causes by James Oswald

The first book in the series by James Oswald in his Inspector McClean series. If you haven’t found this series yet, start at the beginning as this is the book that introduces you to the characters and the tone of what is to come. You get to wander around Newington in this book – where the author lived which inspired the book and where the main character lives too. Not far from the fictional police station and the hills which surround the city.

Five books set in Edinburgh - BookTrailLiteraryTour

The new town – Scotland Street

44 Scotland Street by Alexander McCall Smith

Once you have opened the door of 44 Scotland Street, you will never forget the people you meet. This is the start of a wonderful series of novels where you really get a sense for the people, humour and atmosphere of Edinburgh. You get to visit the art galleries, the shops, cafes and most importantly of fall, the very real Scotland Street. There is no number 44 in real life but the street is very real and I’m sure I saw Bertie on my last visit there….


Happy Travelling!!

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