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BookTrail Oscars announced!

  • Submitted: 13th March 2023

The BookTrail Oscars are here!

A very excited time in BookWorld. We have the nominees and winners of The BookTrail Oscars. So many books flapping their pages in the wings, waiting and hoping for their name to be read out..

So let’s look at the categories and nominees shall we?

Best Female in a Leading Role

Best Male in a Leading Role

Best Screenplay

Best Supporting Actress

Best Supporting Actor

Best Picture (on the cover)

Best Foreign Production




BookTrail Oscars


Best Female in a Leading Role

Phoebe from The Legacy of Halesham Hall/Jenni Keer – WINNER

Rachel from The Venice Secret/Anita Chapman

Margaret from The Secrets of Hartwood Hall/Katie Lumsden

Marta from Fyneshade/Kate Griffin

BookTrail Oscars

Best Male in a Leading Role

Henry VII from The Heart and the Crown/Alison Weir

James Forrester from The Maiden/Kate Foster

Teddy Colne from So Pretty/Ronnie Turner

Cesare Aldo from The Darkest Sin/David Bishop – WINNER

BookTrail Oscars

Best Screenplay (Book which deserves to be on the big screen)

Midnight at Malabar House/Vaseem Khan

Clara and Olivia/Lucy Ashe – WINNER

The Getaway/Isabelle Broom

Homecoming/Kate Morton

BookTrail Oscars


Best Supporting Actress

Jen from Cut Adrift/Jane Jesmond

The Garnett Sisters from The Garnett Girls/Georgina Moore

Tori from Freeze/Kate Simants

AIDE from In the Blink of An Eye/Jo Callaghan WINNER

BookTrail Oscars


Best Supporting Actor

The zealous preacher from The Book of Eve/Meg Clothier

Percy from Homecoming/ Kate Morton

Mr Bronte from A Gift of Poison/Bella Ellis

Alexandre from The Circus Train/Amita Parikh – WINNER

BookTrail Oscars

Best Picture (on the cover)

The Fascination by Essie Fox – WINNER

The Revels by Stacey Halls

Our Hideous Progeny by C E McGill

The London Seance Society by Sarah Penner

BookTrail Oscars

Best soundtrack

The Lost Song of Paris by Sarah Steele

Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid -WINNER

The Launch Party by Lauren Forry (playlist)

Sweet, Soft Plenty Rhythm by Laura Warrell

BookTrail Oscars

Best Foreign Production

Trouble by Katja Iver – WINNER

The Hand That Feeds You by Mercedes Rosende

December Breeze by Marvel Moreno

Red as Blood by Lilja Sigurdardóttir

BookTrail Oscars


Happy Oscar Celebrations! The best way to celebrate is to go out to a bookstore and buy ALL the winners and ALL the nominees too.

Happy Oscar reading!


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