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Books set in Amsterdam

  • Submitted: 3rd March 2020

Last week I got stranded in Amsterdam which turned out to be a very good day. An unexpected visit to a city with plenty of bookshops dotted around the curling streets. I visited as many of them as I could. More of that in a later post. For now, some of the books I thought about as I walked around the canals and imagined myself right in the very streets where the characters of novels had walked.

These books act like guide books of the city and really add a little glitz to any city walk! Seeing a city through the eyes of these characters and the author of course really is quite something.


Books set in Amsterdam


Top advice! – Get yourself one of these amazing book bags ( I got mine from the bookstore   ) and even though I haven’t used it yet as it’s too nice and clean to use hehe, I am going to use it indoors for now.

Books set in Amsterdam

Mini Booktrail –

The Little Dreams of Lara Cliffe by Milly Johnson

Take a QuickReads book and have yourself a mini holiday with this fine read. Quick to read and quick to trail so if only have a short time in the city, this is the perfect story. The characters go on a hen party and go to quite a few city hotspots such as the Rembrandt Museum. It’s a fun and quick visit which will lead you wanting more.


Historical BookTrail

A View Across the Rooftops by Suzanne Kellman

Sad and poignant is not the word for this book. It does take you to the city’s dark times but the story is amazing for its human insight and heartwarming people within. The time is of course when Jewish people were forced to hide from the Nazis but some of the inhabitants of the city stood up to the evil. This is the story of one man who went to extreme lengths to protect his Jewish friend. Visit the most famous house associated with this time – the Anne Frank House. I defy you not to cry when you see the size of the rooms and think of what these people must have gone through.

This book also tells the story of real people and real emotions.

Books set in Amsterdam

Kick Ass BookTrail

The Girl who Got Revenge by Marnie Riches

Alluding to the city’s port and sea history, this book has a murder take place at the trading port so you get the idea of this tour very quickly indeed! Take a walk on the dark side with Marnie Riches. Inspector Van den Bergen plods the streets looking for the worst signs of life and boy, does he see a side to Amsterdam you will never get to see otherwise!

Fascinating but take a torch as things get very dark indeed…


A BookTrail beside the canals

Sleep Baby Sleep by David Hewson

This is just one of the books by David Hewson which take place firmly in the city and around its canals in particular. The lead character himself lives on a boat so you really do get a good insight into how life there might be. Someone in the novel works on a popular flower stall and she ends up murdered. The flower stalls are everywhere along the canals and there’s a particular spot where many of them are gathered. Wander around and wonder if you can see the characters among the stallholders!

Books set in Amsterdam

Historical Booktrail

The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

This trail takes in some of the most amazing sights of the city. Walk by the canals, past the house where the characters live, down the alley where the Miniaturist herself lives…there are so many places to see and what’s more, you’ll be wondering about strange signs on the walls, markings on doors and wondering what they really mean..

Jessie Burton was inspired by a real life dolls house in the Rijksmuseum so go here to see where it all started.


Come back later in the week for an Amsterdam BookTrail of Bookshops.

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