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The Girl Who Got Revenge

The Girl Who Got Revenge

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2000s: Revenge is a dish best served deadly…

  • ISBN: 978-0008285081
  • Genre: Crime

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A twelve-year-old girl is found dead at the Amsterdam port. An old man dies mysteriously in a doctors’ waiting room. Two seemingly unconnected cases, but Inspector Van den Bergen doesn’t think so…

Criminologist George McKenzie is called in to help crack the case before it’s too late. But the truth is far more deadly than anyone can imagine… Can George get justice for the dead before she ends up six-feet under too?

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Marnie Riches says:

The Girl Who Got Revenge is, like the other four George McKenzie titles, a gripping, twisty story about people trafficking. This time, however, there is a historical element to it. George and Van den Bergen are compelled to uncover the wartime secrets of four elderly men who die under suspicious circumstances. How does the mystery of their deaths relate to a truck, discovered in the Port of Amsterdam, which is found to contain scores of dying Syrians and one dead girl? This is the sort of complex yarn that could only unfurl in a location that is both a major European port and also a city with a rich, rich history: Amsterdam, of course!

Amsterdam lends itself perfectly to being the setting for a crime-fiction series. It’s the epicentre for European ecstasy production, marijuana is legal there, as is prostitution. But for me, given that the common thread running throughout all five books is trafficking – be it drugs or people – its status as a port with proximity also to the Hoek of Holland, where passenger ferries shuttle back and forth to the UK, and of course, to Rotterdam’s world class commercial port is paramount in importance. Amsterdam is a launch-pad for criminals to the rest of the world. Face West, and you can cross the sea easily. Face East, and the whole of Europe and Central Asia beyond are at your disposal. It’s a European hub for international organised crime, and this is reflected in the city’s ethnic makeup. Those narrow little booths in the red light district are full of girls from the Far East but also parts of Africa and the Middle East. How many are illegal immigrants, trafficked to Amsterdam and forced into sex

Booktrailer Review

Susan: @thebooktrailer

There’s a lot to love about Georgina McKenzie. This is kind of a standalone but boy do you get a picture when you read the books in order. This book does follow on from the last one in many ways and it might help you understand the growing relationship with George and Van Den Bergen – I think they need all the help they can get with their issues!

This novel is firmly set in Amsterdam with mentions of Cambridge and Syria – Marnie does like her cracking locations and backstories! In Amsterdam, there’s a trafficking ring to get your teeth into – a particular brilliance of this author is to get a current and complex issue, bring into the fictional world and mash it, pull it, poke it and examine it in order to challenge the reader. Consider myself challenged as this links past and present and got me thinking of issues that I’d not given much thought to before. Migration, immigration, the need to find a place to call home.

This really is a cracking series so get your teeth stuck into it now!

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Destination : Amsterdam  Author/Guide: Marnie Riches  Departure Time: 2000s

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