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USA Road Trips in Books

  • Submitted: 10th May 2024

Road Trips in Books

Lots of interesting road trips in books – all for very different reasons. So, if you are in the market for a book that will take you on more than just a few places then hang fire….

USA Road Trips in Books

The Girls Kirsty CapesThe Girls – Kirsty Cape

This is a sad reason to go on a roadtrip – but also a poignant one. In it, people go on a journey from Arizona to San Francisco to take the ashes of a loved one for burial. They first go to the Grand Canyon but can’t do it there so head to San Francisco and another place.






Hunted Abir MukherjeeHunted – Abir Mukherjee

Ooh got to race across the country this time to find your child. Turns out she is suspected of having set a bomb in a shopping mall and could well be involved in planning something else. Bit of a time pressure on this one. The parents have to go on the road trip of all road trips this time and they aren’t there for the scenery  – it’s all about the destination but not somewhere they really want to be.





Moon Road Sarah LeipcigerMoon River Sarah Leipciger 

Another sad reason to go on a roadtrip – a missing daughter. Two separated parents have been told that something in Los Angeles has been found which might give them answers to what happened to their daughter. So, they take a car and drive the whole way across America. Of course, it’s quite a journey for many reasons. The fact they are divorced and practically strangers to each other makes this harder still.





Survive the Night Riley SagerSurvive the Night – Riley Sager

If you are going to go on a roadtrip, you probably think it would be nice to take someone with you. Sometimes, people go hitchhiking. Well, just never get in a car with Riley Sager, that’s all – after reading this book, you will know why!






He Started It Samantha DowningHe started it – Samantha Dowling

Now here’s  a good reason for a roadtrip and one that is definately going to be a fun ride – the ultimate destination is the prize of someone’s entire estate.







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