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A BookTrail love of Iceland – Books, Travel and Trails

  • Submitted: 4th December 2018

TheBookTrail¬† ran a competition recently which highlighted all that was good and wonderful about Iceland. Iceland has some stunning and rather fantastic crime fiction both…

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A magical novel set along the banks of the Thames

  • Submitted: 3rd December 2018

Once upon a River...by Diane Setterfield... A magical novel set along the banks of the Thames.... The best of stories start with the words "Once…

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BookTrail Travel Awards 2018 – Settings in novels

  • Submitted: 2nd December 2018

The BookTrail has several awards to hand out this year. Looking back at the journeys over the past year but with a surprise or two…

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The BookTrail Travel 2018 Awards

  • Submitted: 1st December 2018

2018 was a great year for literary travel with the Literary Travel Agency. Where did you travel via a book? Which author took you to…

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November BookTrail Travel Roundup

  • Submitted: 30th November 2018

There were so many good books out in November that's it's hard to decide which ones should be on the November round up list. But…

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That Green Eyed Girl

1955, 1975: The Green eyed monster will rear its ugly head

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