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A BookTrail love of Iceland – Books, Travel and Trails

  • Submitted: 4th December 2018

TheBookTrail聽 ran a competition recently which highlighted all that was good and wonderful about Iceland. Iceland has some stunning and rather fantastic crime fiction both set in Iceland and/or written by Icelandic authors. An author can showcase even the darkest parts of a country yet evoke the landscape and culture in a way which makes you want to go there.

TheBookTrail asked What do you love about Iceland? And there were some fascinating answers. So here are a roundup of some of the best. There’s tips for travel, suggestions of places to go, foodie ideas and of course chat about books.



Should we only give you one reason? 馃榾 Why do I love Iceland? Because it has opened my mind and heart to a new reading place, a new culture, and new friends! I can’t wait to visit!


I鈥檝e only been to Rejevak Airport but I love Iceland for its dark Noir like Scotland

Bibliophile Book Club鈥徛燖BibliophileBC聽

I鈥檝e never been to Iceland but it鈥檚 on my bucket list! I love the idea of the cold and the silence, plus they have a plethora of amazing writers!

Angela Paull鈥徛燖angep1969聽

I love the idea of icy landscapes, warm thermal pools and geysers galore!

Ginger Cat鈥徛燖GingerCatBlog

Not visited Iceland yet but the fact that a couple of my favourite authors are Icelandic plus they celebrate J贸lab贸kafl贸冒 (as do I) means that it must be a nation of fellow book lovers! I would also love to visit the hot springs at The Blue Lagoon and see the Northern Lights


Lynne Shelby鈥徛燖LynneB1

I love Iceland because of its unique horses, the Blue Lagoon and its Jolabokaflod – I’ve started the tradition of the Christmas Book Flood in my family

Iceland Noir prize

Iceland Noir prize

Jill鈥徛燖JillsBookCafe (The winner’s name from the Icelandic hat!)

I love Iceland because of it’s volcano Eyjafjallaj枚kull. Thanks to it’s eruption in 2010 I was stranded in Seville for an extra week, during the Feria. Absolute heaven

Mary Picken鈥徛燖bethsy

Beautiful, peaceful, scenic and books like this.

Helen Yendall鈥徛燖HelenYendall聽

I love Iceland because Icelanders love books and reading! In Iceland, one in ten people will publish a book in their lifetime. That’s amazing, imo.

What could be more amazing than being able to stand between the North American and Eurasian plates!

Lilja - Iceland Noir

Lilja – Iceland Noir

Bee M鈥徛燖BeeAMarkie聽

Home to the blue lagoon, volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, and lava fields… what鈥檚 not to love about #Iceland. I would love to visit the museums and learn about Iceland鈥檚 Viking history.

Phyllida Shrimpton鈥徛燖shrimpyshrimpy1

When I was a child we had a wonderful Icelandic family friend called J贸nas J贸nasson who was an Icelandic presenter and author. He honoured me by using a picture I drew on one of his novels. He told me I would love his country. I am sure this is true but sadly I have never been.


I love Iceland because Iceland gave us Bjork and I love Bjork! Such an amazing voice she has!

Catherine Thomas鈥徛燖highlandgirl聽

Hiking the Svinafellsjokull glacier in Iceland is one of the most amazing things I have ever done.. I absolutely love Iceland 馃檪

Another of Blackout in Reykjavik (c)Ragnar

Another of Blackout in Reykjavik (c)Ragnar

Tamworth Book Club鈥徛燖TamworthReads聽

I love how books are gifted on Xmas eve and how young and old are encouraged to read for pleasure

Jane Willis鈥徛燖janesgrapevine

I’ve never been to Iceland but there are two things I would love to experience there – the Northern Lights and Icelandic Tapestries. I guess some of the geothermal phenomena are pretty awesome too.


My 50th this year and my gift of a lifetime was a trip to Iceland. What a wonderful country, I’d come back every year, so much history, culture and nature…even I could take decent photographs!

Midnight atLangjokull-glacier (c) Ragnar J贸nasson

Midnight at Langjokull-glacier (c) Ragnar J贸nasson

Linette Ridgeway鈥徛燖MSEDollyp

we did a topic on it at school many moons ago and I have always wanted to see the glaciers, springs and northern lights.



I love the idea of Iceland as it seems perfect as a setting for a fairy story as well as all the recent crime thrillers that are coming from there. I’d love to visit and stay at the ice hotel and see Aurora Borealisl.

Elaine Steinberg鈥徛燖ElaineSB57

I’ve never been to Iceland but I’d love to go and it’s on my travel wish list. I’d love to see the Aurora Borealis and go to the ice hotel. The scenery looks amazing and a perfect place to read in silence!


My first trip abroad with the hubby was to Iceland and I’ve wanted to go back ever since. We went in March, it had snowed, it was glorious. Now I want to go back in the spring and meet a puffin.

Iceland (c) Dr Noir

Iceland (c) Dr Noir

Susan Lacey鈥徛燖SusanELacey

Everyone I know who has visited Iceland has been blown away by the scenery and the friendliness of the people, which make me long to see for myself.


I love Iceland because of the natural beauty of the place. The contrast of the ice vs the volcanoes, the wonder of the Blue Lagoon or the Golden Circle and the gorgeous horses. So much in one small place. It’s incredible.

David Pearce鈥徛燖davidgpearce

The writing has evolved from the landscape and the seasons. It is always based on the truth of people’s characters and for that reason it is universal in its appeal.

Iceland plus wedding! (c) Ewa Sherman

Iceland plus wedding! (c) Ewa Sherman


Thank you very much to all who posted comments, tips and travel advice and requested to know more about the books and writers of the festival

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