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Book set in Iceland, The Glass Woman by Caroline Lea

  • Submitted: 12th December 2018

The Glass Woman, a novel of Icelandic witchcraft This is a historical novel mixed with fantasy and witchcraft A haunting book set in Iceland,  The Glass…

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Five books set in Australia, A Literary Tour

  • Submitted: 11th December 2018

Five great reads set in and around Australia There are a number of great reads set in Australia but this selection of Five Books set…

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Crime fiction set in Sweden – Red Snow

  • Submitted: 10th December 2018

Red Snow is a stunning crime novel by Will Dean There are certain books that you really have to read. Crime fiction set in Sweden…

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Five Festive Books set in Lapland – Swedish and Finnish destinations

  • Submitted:

It's the perfect time of year to head to Lapland. Five festive books set in Lapland - Swedish and Finnish destinations have many journeys in…

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BookTrail Travel Awards 2018 – Methods of Travel

  • Submitted: 9th December 2018

The BookTrail Travel Awards 2018 - methods of travel is the second round of Awards for the Best Books of the Year. This week, we…

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2023: A medical conference beside Lake Geneva. But what goes on behind closed doors?

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