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BookTrail Travel Awards 2018 – Settings in novels

  • Submitted: 2nd December 2018

The BookTrail has several awards to hand out this year. Looking back at the journeys over the past year but with a surprise or two along the way.So, The BookTrail Travel Awards looks at the best books of 2018. Which setting in a novel has made the biggest impression?

Today’s list is one celebrating the best settings in books – that could be a castle, a bus, a manor home. Plenty of places to be immerse yourself into with this lovely lot!

BookTrail Travel Awards 2018 - setting

The Awards are :

The Islands with the most legends

Most Memorable visit to the woods in a novel

Best mix of locations in one novel

Most evocative house in a novel

Best moment on transport in a novel


The Twisted Tree

The Twisted Tree

BookTrail Travel Award for the islands with the most legends

Book set in the Lofoten Islands – The Twisted Tree by Rachel Burge

The evocative language perfectly evokes and immerse you at the heart of the vast, snowy landscape. Then there’s the chillingly fascinating world of Nordic myths, ghosts and legends. All set on the Lofoten Islands with a fictional name so even more magical and mythical!

The author set this book here as she was fascinated by the light and dark and the legends which dance between the two.


Changeling c) TheBookTrail


Most Memorable visit to the woods in a novel Award

Changeling – Book set in Cheshire – Matt Wesolowski

It has to be Changeling doesn’t it? I don’t think I’ve read about such alarming woods before. Luckily they are fictional as I wouldn’t fancy going there after reading this novel. Thats the genius of it though. They are so realistic and evocative that the author places you right in the heart of the woods, the noises, the idea that there might be someone watching you, or something watching you..

These are the creepiest woods I’ve been to in a novel.

The Moon Sister

The Moon Sister

Best mix of locations in one novel Award

Book set in Granada, Scotland and New York – The Moon sister by Lucinda Riley

Scottish Highlands, New York and Granada, Spain

From hunting the alusive white stag in the Scottish highlands to dancing to Flamenco in Granada, to hotfooting it to New York and the clubs and bars there, this novel has it all.

It’s one of a series following the sisters of one family around the world. They each find out about a letter their (adoptive) father has written for them. After his death, they see the letters and follow their clues to find out about their real heritage.

I just really loved the mix of locations in this one and how the story used each location to weave the story and craft a tapestry of travel. The settings were very evocative and alluring!

The Clockmakers Daughter

The Clockmakers Daughter

Award for best house in a novel

London – an old manor house on the river Thames

Book set in London – The Clockmaker’s Daughter by Kate Morton

As far as setting goes, this house has to be one of the best this year. We see it develop over time. One owner leaves and another ones comes along. The house sees everyone and holds secrets within its walls throughoyt the years. These secrets will come back to haunt that house and one woman aims to uncover the truth. Everything about this house screams atmosphere. There’s creaking floorboards, hidden nooks and crannies. The house sits on the bend of the Thames close to villages. Visitors here will never forget the mystery and magic in its walls.


 Award for best moment on transport in a novel

One day in December

London  – On a bus

Book set in London – One December Day by Josie Silver

This award goes to a  novel where the magic starts on a bus. And that got me thinking. I read so much on buses but this one scene in the book where she looks through the misty window and sees a nice guy…. Maybe I need to look up from the kindle once in a while. A lovely heartwarming scene which kickstarts the whole novel and proves that one moment in life can change everything.


More awards will be given out next week….

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