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  • Location: The Lofoten Islands

The Twisted Tree

The Twisted Tree

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2000s: The Twisted Tree will grab you and never let you go…

  • ISBN: 978-1471407765
  • Genre: Young Adult

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Martha can tell things about a person just by touching their clothes, as if their emotions and memories have been absorbed into the material. It started the day she fell from the tree at her grandma’s cabin and became blind in one eye.

Determined to understand her strange ability, Martha sets off to visit her grandmother, Mormor – only to discover Mormor is dead, a peculiar boy is in her cabin and a terrifying creature is on the loose.

Then the spinning wheel starts creaking, books move around and terror creeps in . .

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Norway and the Lofoten Islands

The stark Nordic landscape plays a major role in this book. The evocative language perfectly evokes and immerse you at the heart of the vast, snowy landscape and the miles of bleak beauty. Not to mention the chillingly fascinating world of Nordic myths, ghosts and legends.

There’s plenty of Norwegian words and phrases peppered throughout the text which makes this very realistic and atmospheric.

The author:

“The book is inspired by Norse mythology, so Norway seemed the perfect setting!

I choose the Lofoten Islands for a number of reasons. Not only are they stunningly beautiful, with dramatic mountains peaks and pristine beaches and sheltered bays, they’re also a land of extremes. Thanks to their proximity to the Arctic Circle, the Lofotens experience permanent light at the height of summer – hence the name, ‘the land of the midnight sun’. In the depths of winter is Mørketid, ‘the dark time’ of the Polar Night.

This sense of duality – of life and death, light and dark, runs as a theme throughout the book, and is something the designers captured beautifully in the front cover. ”

The Twisted Tree

The Twisted Tree

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Booktrailer Review

Susan: @thebooktrailer

I do love a book about Norway and legends so this fitted the bill perfectly. It’s a YA title and I often find so many hidden gems in this category which introduce the reader to legends, mysteries and more. This one was particularly chilling though and even if I’m *slightly* older than the target audience *cough* , it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!

The landscape and mythology make this novel. So does the writing and the peppering of Norwegian phrases throughout. It ticked all the boxes  in one go!

It was the way the mysterious side of the story linked to the legends and the ghostly aspects which really made the book sing for me. The story of a girl who can tell things about a person just by touching their clothes made me shiver from the get go. Once this girl Martha gets to her grandmother’s cabin in the woods, I was on edge!

I was SO impressed this was a debut and that when I chatted with the author on TheBookTrail, she told me she’s never been to Norway! How to get the tone and setting this right without going is genius. Imagine where she will take us next!

Then the spinning wheel starts creaking, books move around and terror creeps in . .

It’s a brilliantly evocative read and I loved everything about it. The cover is one of my favourites of 2018 too.

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Destination : The Lofoten Islands  Author/Guide: Rachel Burge  Departure Time: 2000s

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