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BookTrail Oscars

  • Submitted: 12th March 2023

Books deserve Oscars too

It’s that time of year again and the red carpet is already laid own. The books have been polished and their pages pampered to within an inch of their lives. We are ready. The awards are about to be announced….

Over to our roving reporter is none other than Elisabeth Zott from Lessons in Chemistry. She is also doubling up as security alongside That Bonesetter Woman and the Pearler’s Daughter. Two women who will take no nonsense and have the Zott Zappers just incase it all kicks off.

The security

two books


First things first, this evening is set to be very excitng as all the book press has gathered. One set of authors has even got their banner flying from a nearby tree. They mean business. #TeamOrenda is flying high!

The Lisa Jewell banner along the walkway is a nice touch…

Press waiting for oscars to start

The press pack are prepped

Ooh now it’s hotting up. There’s some wonderful dresses on the red carpet. Look at The Legacy of Halesham Hall. Very gothic. I love it when a book evokes its content in its costume. Shows that it’s made the effort. Not tried to be a genre that they are not. Very good Halesham. Lovely outfit!

Say hello to The Legacy of Halesham Hall

Halesham hall with scarf around it

Gothic dress for a gothic drama

Oh, what’s this…the music from the Nutcracker Suite. It can only mean one thing. Yes, Clara and Olivia have arrived looking glam might I add. Nothing but the best for the artistic twins.

Say hello to Clara and Olivia

Clara and Olivia all dressed up

A theatrical entry

Oh hang on, there’s a bit of a skuffle at the entrance. Best send this guy in to sort it out. If there’s anything to be sorted using AI and technology, then this is the book you need to read. Blink of an Eye and he’ll sort out any trouble.

Say hello to In the Blink of an Eye

Blink of an Eye on stage

BookTrail Oscars tonight then On Between the Covers tomorrow night on BBC2


Oh and there’s always one isn’t there. The BookTrail Oscars….well, he’s not wrong I guess. Right come on, move along….

Oscar de Muriel books

BookTrail Oscars (well you can’t argue with that!)

Oscar de Muriel books

Ooh and this is it. The bookcase with the nominations and the winners within. Zachary is on guard. Doesn’t need to stand over the prizes to be fair, he’s got the second sight. Still, it’s a night off from gracing all those bookcases.

Zachary has the awards!

Right, let’s get 99 settled. He’s very excited. Wanted some extra dog biscuits then chased the neighbour’s cat. He’s ok now. Looking forward to seeing who gets the coveted Golden Book Oscars.

You are invited. Stop by tomorrow for the winners list and glamour afterparty!

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