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Travels in August with Books and Trails

  • Submitted: 9th August 2020

Travels in August with books

Travels in August with Books and Trails – This post is late as I’m having some personal time and haven’t read the books I’d wanted to. I’ve been rereading books for comfort (see last post). Well books are the only constant in life at the moment and as we all know, book worms never go to bed alone. They’ve always got a friend beside them throughout the day and night. These little guys are going to be my company this month:

Travel with August with Books

travel with books in august

The Search Party by Simon Lelic

Setting: Deep in the woods

Destination: England

Love books like this for atmosphere and setting. Friends, well people who are supposed to be friends, get stuck in the woods. Not everyone makes it out alive. Tell you what, these books make for great reading, but they make me fearful of ever going to a wooded area again! If you’re brave enough, then read this close to some trees at least for the ultimate reading treat!


The Majesties by Tiffany Tsao

Setting: How the other half life

Destination: Various

Rich people. You think they have it all. But under the surface…..can money and status ever bring true happiness? In this novel, an entire wealthy family is poisoned and only one survives…

You won’t want to be anyone in this book or want to meet them either…but it’s an insight into a very dark side of life…

travel with books in august


The Coral Bride

Setting: The sea, rural Gaspe Peninsula

Destination: Quebec

Oh this book is a song. Lyrically and literally. The setting is at the heart of the novel’s fishing community as well as this novel itself. The luscious yet raw descriptions are captivating. The murder mystery within, insightful and troubling. There’s lots to enjoy here. Plenty to immerse you in a fine reading experience.

And now for a Scottish treat or TWO!


The Innocent Dead by Lin Anderson

Setting: Gritty city life

Destination: Glasgow and Stirling

This writer does for Glasgow what Rebus and Rankin do for Edinburgh. That’s the official opinion written on the book itself. It’s also true as I’ve never had quite this view of Glasgow before in a novel. Gritty, dark, hopeless and hopeful all at the same time. A number of various characters live on and off the streets and there are some dark, dark corners of this place. Cracking fictional crime dramas too.

Pop over to Authors on location and meet Lin in Glasgow now!

travel with books in august

Summerwater by Sarah Moss

Setting: Campsite

Destination: The Trossachs

Camping any time soon? Having a staycation? This is the book for you. Sit in your tent and people watch. Wonder about those in the tent next to you, what they are up to, what they are hiding…

People watchers rejoice! Plus that cover is glorious and should be framed.


Enjoy your book travels in August!

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