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WIT month – English writers translated

  • Submitted: 31st August 2023

Women in Translation Month – From English to another language.

I’m going the other way with WIT today. I have looked at a few authors I ‘ve read in both the original language and in English, but today there’s a twist.

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I keep my languages fresh and interesting by reading plenty in them. I always collect novels by Kate Morton in every language I learn so I can practice and gauge my level since I know the books so so well. It might seem a strange way to learn but it works for me!

After reading in French, Spanish and Swedish for many years, I am now teaching myself Dutch. And I’m doing it with books – by women in translation! English-speaking authors who I read ‘the other way’. Still technically women in translation but in reverse.

Isabelle Broom The Getaway in Dutch

Isabelle Broom The Getaway in Dutch

This is The Getaway by Isabelle Broom. I loved this novel in English and I thought it would be fairly straight forward to read in Dutch. Isabelle writes clearly and the writing always flows so I hoped it would be good ito guess and pick up words and phrase structure. Which author would I love to read again and very slowly? – enter Isabelle Broom.

She kindly set me one of her author copies and I am LOVING IT! The parts I have read so far read very well but the nice cute verbs don’t sound as romantic in Dutch. I keep imagining I’m in the Netherlands but I’m actually in Croatia!

Would you learn a language this way? It’s tricky, I’m not going to admit but it’s the way my brain works. I have to see the whole thing and then pick it apart before putting it back together again. Should have been a car mechanic!

Happy WIT month



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