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Durham Book Festival – various destinations explored!

  • Submitted: 15th October 2017

Durham Book Festival is always good and it's always interesting to see which authors and writers head north to have a chat about their new…

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BookTrail at the Movies

  • Submitted: 13th October 2017

Today and this weekend is the perfect time to read a scary book or see a scary movie - there's so much superstition surrounding today…

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Book Festivals – Durham

  • Submitted: 11th October 2017

This week the great and the good of fiction are up North to attend the Durham Book Festival. So many authors to see and books to…

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The magic of libraries #Librariesweek

  • Submitted: 9th October 2017

Libraries week starts today so what better time than to celebrate these havens of books and look at some novels which contain amazing libraries themselves:…

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#BookAmbassadors -In Love with Irish Fiction

  • Submitted: 6th October 2017

What is there not to love about Ireland and Irish fiction? Who best to tell you about the wonderful world of Irish books? Only the…

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The Story Collector

1910, 2024: In a quiet village in Ireland, a mysterious local myth is about to change everything…

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