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Halloween Reads – Take your peek

  • Submitted: 31st October 2017

There's lots of good books out there to scare you senseless or to chill the hairs on the back of your neck. Here's a selection…

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Reading and Travelling to Wiltshire

  • Submitted: 29th October 2017

Books and travel go together, right? The Travelling Reader thinks so too as they've sent us some lovely boxes to explore the literary travel scene…

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BookTrail at the Movies – The Beguiled

  • Submitted: 27th October 2017

Friday is a good day for going to the movies. But readers of this site  know the book is more often than not, better than…

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Book Mountains

  • Submitted: 23rd October 2017

Book Mountains? No no the TBR pile, but book mountains of another kind... There's many who prefer a nice leisurely holiday perhaps walking along a…

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#BookTrailTravels – Cracking the code of war time fiction

  • Submitted: 18th October 2017

I love a good historical novel and especially ones based on true fact or memoirs, so when I read The Imitation Game, long before it…

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The Antique Hunter’s Guide to Murder

2023:  What antique would you kill for?

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