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BAMB! – Super Thursday is upon us

  • Submitted: 22nd October 2015

When you go inside a bookstore to buy a book on Super Thursday, in fact on any day, there is so much choice. This is…

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Package Deals – Down Under

  • Submitted:

Now when it's a bit grey outside and the weather is getting a bit chilly, you can do one of several things such as drinking…

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Package Deals – Taste the flavours of Africa and Asia

  • Submitted: 21st October 2015

Travelling the world with books is interesting and fun and there’s so much to see in even just one continent! Today we look at two..Africa…

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Dan Boothby – Booktrailer extraordinaire!

  • Submitted: 14th October 2015

Author of Island of Dreams Dan Boothby popped into Booktrail towers today as I wanted to know what led him to do the ultimate booktrail –…

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Books set on an island

  • Submitted: 7th October 2015

We’ve picked two desert island reads today – one set on an island with considerably less sun that that in the picture above (sorry Scotland)…

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1995: Two boys kill another child. What was behind the murder?

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