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Package Deals – Down Under

  • Submitted: 22nd October 2015

AUSTRALIA-MAPNow when it’s a bit grey outside and the weather is getting a bit chilly, you can do one of several things such as drinking a hot chocolate or putting on a scarf. But by immersing yourself in some reads based in Australia or New Zealand, you get lovely and warm from the inside out.


Travelling to the other side of the world is a good way to see what Australian life has to offer without the long haul flight. (And plenty of reading material to take with you if and when you do go)

There are 3 destinations in our package deals today – Adelaide, Perth and Tasmania so let’s head off to the boarding gate right now and let’s fly!

SUNThe Sun in Her Eyes

Paige Toon


A journey which takes a woman from London to Australia in search of the truth about what really did happen when she was three and her mother was killed in a car crash

Despite the sun and warmth of Australia however, it’s during the dark moments where Amber really has to deal with. There are difficult decisions to be made – far from where ‘home’ is at the moment but then is home not where  the heart is according to the saying?

Returning home after many years away can leave you with more problems that it solves. You can feel a stranger in your own country and in your own life.


other sideStephanie Bishop

The Other Side of the World


1960s – Moving from Cambridge, England to Perth Australia is a move between cities, climate and cultures. But problems have a way of making the same journey..

Charlotte struggles to remember who she was before she had a family. She loves her children and husband Robert but has forgotten what it is to be Charlotte – not just a mother and wife but Charlotte, who loves to paint.

Robert is also unhappy as when a chance to move to Australia comes his way, he grasps at this new opportunity of a a fresh start. Charlotte is too tired to argue and so their journey to the other side of the world begins..

Perth their new home is not paradise however as a new city,a new setting reveals the cracks and weaknesses life in Cambridge never did. Charlotte wonders if there is anywhere she will feel at home.


Jospehine-moonThe Chocolate Apothecary

Josephine Moon


A Chocolate Shop in Evandale Tasmania? Chocolate tasting and cooking in France? You can practically eat this novel!

Evandale is a small town in Tasmania which really does exist yet sadly there is not (yet) a chocolate apothecary as featured in this novel. It is so real and vivid that you really expect it to exist and as you lick your fingers from the chocolate you’d had to buy to read this novel, you wonder why it doesn’t.

Silver trays weighed down with mugs of hot chocolate, mochas and pots of tea, apple pie and cream, chocolate fondants, chocolate-coated raspberries, chocolate brownies and pralines….

When you’re finished with Australian set books then why not head off somewhere else? The world of books is a big place and the possibilities of discovering something and someone new are never ending!

Pack your case now!


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