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New Year Resolutions for Book lovers

  • Submitted: 31st December 2018

This is the time of year you often have to think about what you should change about yourself next year. Do you want to stop eating too much, do you want to exercise more? Travel more? What you need are some New Year Resolutions for Book lovers.

When I read a book, I love travelling to the place within, but there’s a part of me that remembers something that I end up doing like one of the characters. I get inspired by uplifting books and positive characters. I think they have a great deal to teach us. So, I’ve gathered a few books together which could also inspire some resolutions worth keeping.

New Years Resolutions for book lovers


Books can get you through some tough times and inspired new ones. So here are some New Year Resolutions for Book lovers


Book resolutions for 2019

Book resolutions for 2019

Be More Harold

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce

Harold Fry. Walked from Devon to Scotland in his day to day clothes and shoes in order to be with someone very special to him.

Always show the people you love the most how much you appreciate them. Whether that involves walking like Harold, posting a letter or just giving someone a hug. Or give a book to a bookworm, they’ll love you forever.


Use knockbacks to propel you forward

Destination India Katy Collins

Life imitated art with Katy Collins. She went through a personal trauma (was jilted by her then fiance) but then went on to become an author, writing about a character going through similar experiences. Years later, she’s happily married to someone else and has her own little family.


Don’t be stuck to your phone – you never know who you’ll meet at the most unexpected moment

One Day in December by  Josie Silver

If the character in this book had been too busy on her phone, or worrying about the little things in life, then she might not have seen that handsome guy through the bus window. Imagine if she’d been sitting there, bored, just dying to get home and not paying attention to life around her?


Book resolutions for 2019

Book resolutions for 2019

Lasso opportunities in life like Lori

Deep Dirty Truth by Steph Broadribb

Now, here’s a woman who doesn’t take no for an answer. She literally goes out and grabs life by the horns. Doesn’t sweat the small stuff and has more balls than a child’s ballpit. She has one obstacle after another in her way but that never stops her. A woman in a man’s world, she makes it her own.


Don’t dwell on things

No Time to Cry by James Oswald

This resolution comes from the title. No Time to Cry. Best get on with things. Pick yourself up and get going. Life goes on etc. It’s hard to do, but better in the long term.


Be Little but think big

Little by Edward Carey

Once there was a girl who lived in a small town in France. She had dreams and worked hard. She became the woman who created the most famous waxwork museum in the world. Be Little but think big.

Book resolutions for 2019

Book resolutions for 2019


And remember when Life’s a beach…..visit these ones to cheer you right up!


Palm Beach Finland by Antti Toumainen

Visit the hottest beach in Finland and meet one of the funniest authors you will ever know

Louise Beech

This writer has written some of the most emotional and lyrical books I’ve ever read….

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