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Destination India (Lonely Hearts Travel Club)

Destination India (Lonely Hearts Travel Club)

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: Sometimes,Bollywood calls from afar…

  • ISBN: 978-0263923698
  • Genre: Fiction, Humour, Romance

What you need to know before your trail

Starting the Lonely hearts Travel Club was supposed to be the second chance that gave Georgia Green back her life. She thought it would be just like travelling, but the reality is far from rosy as she realises that starting a new business is definitely not a beach!

So when Georgia finds herself on an impromptu work trip to India she knows something’s got to give! Where has the girl gone who fought so hard to rebuild her life?

The land of Bollywood, gorgeous beaches and the Taj Mahal might just hold the key to Georgia finding her stride again… Only she is about to find out that when in India the country calls the shots – not you. But Georgia’s not going down that easy!

Travel Guide


When you fly to Delhi to join a tour group, but don’t let on to the rest of the group that you are the CEO of the company in charge of the tours, then chaos is sure to result.

Tour organiser Nihal is none the wiser so it’s up to him if the tour is going to be the quality and value it should be. Time will tell. Where do the group fo and what happens?


From the airport to the varied smells and sounds of the chaotic streets of the capital. Poverty lines the streets and cows jostle for attention with the chickens on the road.Not the place to eat food from the street if you’re not used to it. Or Delly Belly might result. Oh wait…

Taj Mahal

You want to be fit and well to see this world wonder! the group see this but not all fully appreciate it given their sore stomachs.


It’s a long train journey to Mumbai – it’s amazing what the characters see and hear on this train. Someone offers them a love fruit. The mind boggles

Elephanta Caves

Many tourists take the time to leave the city and visit this landmark. Happily the characters do. Elephant Island has an ornately sculpted, 7th-century cave temple dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva.Watch out for the pick pocket monkeys though!


This is where the tour group visit and experience the Holi festival (and they end up throwing more than paint at each others – it’s more like accusations and mistrust!)

Streetview Maps

B) India - Uttar Pradesh - Taj Mahal
C) India - Mumbai - Elephanta Caves

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Destination :  India  Author/Guide: Katy Colins  Departure Time: 2000s

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