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Three Authors Travel on a Cruise Ship

  • Submitted: 26th November 2023

Travel via a book is the best way to go

The authors in this little collection have all set their novels on cruise ships. Whether you are going on holiday or travelling back home, you hope the journey is going to be a smooth one. However not with this lot it’s not!

Three Authors Travel on a Cruise Ship

Welcome on board

The Last Passenger Will Dean

The Last Passenger – Will Dean

Take Will Dean for example. He invites you on a wonderful cruise with your boyfriend. However, you wake up and find that everyone including him has gone. You are alone on the cruise which is going full steam ahead. What the heck do you do and how would you react?

This is one fast-paced thriller with a killer punch at the end!




The Cruise Catherine CooperThe Cruise – Catherine Cooper

During a New Year’s Eve party on a large, luxurious cruise ship in the Caribbean, the ship’s dancer, Lola, goes missing.

Everyone on board has something to hide. The dancer is still missing when the crew appear to be the subject of attack.

What or who is onboard?





A Fatal Crossing Tom Hindle

A Fatal Crossing – Tom Hindle

This might be better and calmer right? A passenger cruise from England to New York. Just like the Titanic. Ah, well.

Not everyone will make the journey alive. A man is found dead and an investigation starts. But things are never easy at sea….





Happy sailing!

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