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Lori Anderson’s tour of Florida

  • Submitted: 2nd January 2018

Out and About with Lori in the Sunshine State

The blog tour for Deep Blue Trouble is here! And for the first stop to kick things off, we’re heading to the sunshine state….Hopefully some of this will seep through January’s grey skies wherever you’r reading this..

The author of a  novel is obviously the best guide to a location but the characters even more so! Steph Broadribb author of Deep Blue Trouble and Deep Down Dead hands the reins over to her kick ass bounty hunter Lori Anderson for a tour of her book’s location – Florida!

Deep Blue Trouble (c) Steph Broadribb

Deep Blue Trouble (c) Steph Broadribb

BookTrail Deep Blue Trouble here
Lori Anderson, my single mom kick-ass bounty hunter protagonist is based in Florida. The nearest town to her is Clermont in Lake County and so for today’s tour stop I thought I’d show The Book Trail around some of Lori’s favourite spots…

Clermont is in central Florida, so there are no beaches or ocean, but there are a huge number of lakes. Water tends to feature a lot in both Deep Down Dead (in the everglades) and Deep Blue Trouble (at the Deep Blue Marina where Red lives). But a more relaxing activity for Lori, when she’s not working on a job, is to walk along the lakes with Dakota to get away from the stresses of the bounty hunting world for a while.

The lakes of Florida   (c) Steph Broadribb

The lakes of Florida (c) Steph Broadribb

Lori tends to shop locally. She prefers the farmer’s market and small stores rather than the big superstores. In Clermont old town there are plenty of options for picking up locally grown fruits and vegetables at a good price. Dakota loves the farmer’s market – especially the candy stall!

Clermont farmer’s market    (c) Steph Broadribb

Clermont farmer’s market (c) Steph Broadribb

Given her job is finding those that don’t want to get caught, Lori can spend a lot of time in the car. Her truck is kitted out with the most up-to-date prisoner restraint equipment but sometimes, after she’s made a pick-up, fugitives can be damn noisy which makes it hard to concentrate on the driving.

Florida Citrus Tower   (c) Steph Broadribb

Florida Citrus Tower (c) Steph Broadribb

Although Lori will have her eyes on the road, a couple of Florida landmarks a fugitive might see out of the window as she takes them to jail are the Florida Citrus Tower which was built in Clermont in 1956– one of Florida’s first landmarks.  And this jauntily painted tower

Clermont Tower  (c) Steph Broadribb

Clermont Tower (c) Steph Broadribb

Whenever she can at the end of a working day, Lori likes to relax at Lilly’s On The Lake and watch the sun go down. Maybe someday she’ll get to take JT there…

Lily's (c) Steph Broadribb

Lily’s (c) Steph Broadribb

And, as for me, I love to spend time in Lori’s part of Florida, especially when I’m writing. I sit by my Dad’s pool (often with my feet in the water to stay cool) and immerse myself in Lori, Dakota and JT’s world.

Deep Blue Trouble (c) Steph Broadribb

Deep Blue Trouble (c) Steph Broadribb

Thanks Lori and Steph!

For more Florida sunshine: BookTrail Deep Blue Trouble here


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