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Confessions of a Literary Traveller – Rosanna Ley

  • Submitted: 11th August 2019

Confessions of a Literary Traveller – Rosanna Ley

There’s lots to think about when you’re a writer. It’s not all about writing books, but living live as a kind of rockstar when you think about it. Authors can be on the road at home and abroad, travelling, staying in hotels and having all sorts of literary adventures.

But what does Rosanna Ley get up to when travelling literary style? Time to find out…

Confessions of a Literary Traveller Rosanna Ley

Being on the road as a writer is very different from just travelling for pleasure. I am always thinking about what my characters might be thinking or feeling, what has just occurred in the story and about where they might be when certain scenes take place. I have key scenes noted down which I might need a location for, so then I will look around to find the right place for each scene. If I make lots of notes in my notebook and my husband/ travelling partner takes lots of photos, this helps me re-live it in full when I come to write up the scene.

BookTrail locations in Rosanna Ley’s Books

I will need to find where characters live and work and where they might go for pleasure or a specific purpose. Walking or driving those routes is useful so I can make notes accordingly. Thinking about how I can use places and landscape symbolically to add more layers to the story-line and make more notes is also helpful. If I  look out for things I haven’t predicted or taken account of , I can add a description of this to add authenticity when I come to write the scene.

On a writing break in Cinque Terre (c) Rosanna Ley

On a writing break in Cinque Terre (c) Rosanna Ley

When it comes to events, I try to add in some exploration of the place I am visiting and this makes the whole trip much more enjoyable. I love meeting readers – it’s nearly always a complete pleasure. I’ve done a lot of events locally in libraries and bookshops and sometimes go to London or Bristol for events too.

BookTrail locations in Rosanna Ley’s Books

If I am travelling by train I usually work. I actually love writing on trains. I can write almost everywhere – I also like writing in cafés and where there are a lot of people around (as long as they’re not talking to me!) or alone and in silence which is also good. My favourite writing spot is on a beach sitting with my back against a warm rock, writing in my notebook.

I don’t find it hard being away from home though I’m always glad to be back. My ‘children’ are adults and no longer live with me but it is still a juggling act doing writing, events, tutoring workshops and all the other stuff. I love it though!


Thank you Rosanna! Happy life on the road?


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