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Book Oscars

  • Submitted: 7th March 2018

There’s a lot of buzz around Oscar winners today and there have been a few Book Oscars over the years and here are this year’s winners in all their fine printed glory. If Books attended the Oscars, who would be winners?

Book Oscars

Book Oscars

Most stunning cinematography….The Lightkeeper’s Daughters

Set on the stunning Lake Superior, this tells the story inspired by true facts, of a lighthouse keeper and his daughters..

The LightKeepers Daughters

Best female in a leading role:

Juliet from A Perfect Girlfriend

“Juliet plays the part so convincingly, going places where very few women would fear to tread…thankfully for all men”

Best Books of 2018

Best male in a leading role  – Killed

Henning Juul

“This guy is not afraid to put himself out there and he puts his all into every role he plays. He has a presence in Killed that can’t be missed”

Killed Thomas Enger

Award for the book which would make the best animated film: The ToyMakers

“This book comes alive from the written page, so imagine what it would be like as an animated film for real instead of just inside your head? Aardman Animation would have a field day”

The Toymakers

Award for most moving story told…. The Tattooist of Auschwitz

“The reading audience were so moved by this real life story that it was a clear runner for this award”

The Tattooist of Auschwitz

The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Best Foreign set fiction – Dark Pines

This also wins the award for most impressive debut. If you’ve not been to the forests of Gavrik, Sweden, then get this book now”

Dark Pines

Best picture (on a cover) – The Chalk Man

This is so stunning in its simplicity. We’ve all drawn stickmen with chalk as children, sometimes as a hangman figure. In this novel they take on a very sinister tone”

The Chalk Man

And finally….Award for best costume design (on the cover) – The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock

Both the costumes worn by the characters and that of the book cover, this book wins on both levels!

The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock

And finally if there was a host for the evening….it would be this lady..Lori Anderson – if anyone caused a rucus, then this is the woman to sort them out.

Lori Anderson

Deep Blue Trouble (c) Steph Broadribb

Deep Blue Trouble (c) Steph Broadribb

Book Oscars – over for another year. All the books here are flat out celebrating so no shelfies as all bookshelves are empty.

Cheers to books everywhere, the cast and crew of people who get them to the shelves, the readers who read them and bring them to life

And the books themselves for allowing us to play as many roles as we wish, to travel the world, to step in someone else’s shoes

Every book on your bookshelf is an award to the power of reading.


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