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Best Book (Trail) of November

  • Submitted: 30th November 2021

Best book of November

Best Book (trail) of the Month – November – This month saw a special release. There were some good reads but one stood out for me as it was the final in a  fantastic series. It ended one of the most fun, fantastic,  gripping, inspired by real life stories and crimes and OMG what strong writing and characterisation!

The best bit for me? These books have a JAZZ soundtrack infused in each and every page….

BookTrail of the Month


So which book won the award for this winter month of November?


Inspired by a real life case

Spectacular scene setting

Fantastic characters – often those from real life

Gripping writing


This nomination comes with virtual hugs for the author and an also virtual glass of something sparkling…..

BookTrail of the Month


The plot:

A young nurse, Kerry Gaudet, travels to the City of Angels desperate to find her missing brother,

Meanwhile, a serial killer is terrorising the city, picking victims at random.  Kerry has precious few leads.

Ida Young, recently retired Private Investigator, is dragged into helping the police in this latest case. She has never met the victim but her name has been found at the crime scene and the LAPD wants to know why . . .

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Sunset Swing set in LA by Ray Celestin


Why this won: November’s Book (Trail) of the Month

Excellent plot inspired by a real life case and characters

Totally atmospheric

A gripping story with sharp, chilling writing

Set in LA to a jazz infused soundtrack


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Sunset Swing Ray Celestin


Read the full BookTrail review of  Sunset Swing

BookTrail Travel to the locations in Sunset Swing

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