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The Last House on Needless Street with Catriona Ward

  • Submitted: 9th March 2021

Travel to Needless Street with Catriona Ward

Where is Needless Street? What is wrong with the end of the street? The last house ? Well, it’s one of the spookiest settings in fiction you will have read in a long time. Scary, chilling and OMG dark…

Ted lives in the last house on Needless street, right next to the woods, with his cat and his daughter.
Next door, a woman moves in, looking for her missing sister. She becomes convinced that Ted  kidnapped her little sister years before….

Needless Street…. even the name gives me shivers…..it’s got a strange name, it’s close to the woods…

BookTrail the locations in The Last House on Needless Street

The end of Needless Street with Catriona WardThe US cover


The last house on Needless Street is a bleak, neglected kind of place..

“Our house is by the dead end; beyond. there’s only forest. And the house on the left has been empty since for ever; the newspaper taped to the inside of the windows is yellow and curled.”

“The street feels even quieter than usual. Hushed, like it’s remembering.”

The end of Needless Street with Catriona Ward

BookTrail the locations in The Last House on Needless Street

Then there’s the birds…aah they’ll be nice birds in the woods, right? Er, no.

“I collect the living birds, They stick together in my hands, bound into a twitching mass. They look like a  monster from my bad dreams, legs and eyes everywhere. beaks drinking the air. When I try to separate them, feathers part from flesh. The birds make no sound. Maybe that’s the worst part. Birds aren’t like people. Pain makes them quiet.”

The end of Needless Street with Catriona Ward


You can be sure that terrible things have happened in the house.  

“She was six. Everyone was upset. We have a problem with that around here, especially by the lake, so things happened fast. The police searched the houses of everyone in the county who might hurt children.

I wasn’t allowed to wait inside while they did it, so I stood out on the steps. It was summer, bright and hot as the surface of a star. My skin burned slowly as the afternoon wore on. I listened as they pushed back the ugly blue rug in the living room, tore up the floorboards and knocked a hole in the wall in the back of my closet because they thought it sounded hollow. Dogs went all over my yard, my bedroom, everything. I knew what kind of dogs they were. They had the white trees of death in their eyes.”

The end of Needless Street with Catriona Ward

Who lives on Needless Street?

Orange-Juice-Hair Man
Chihuahua Lady
A Stranger

The Otter man or His wife or their Children

Men who live in Blue house together
Lady who Smells like Doughnuts

That is almost all the people on the street.

I don’t really think any of them are the Murderer.

The end of Needless Street with Catriona Ward

There’s something very, very dark about the house and the woods beside it. This novel draws you into those two settings in a very unique way that you will never forget…

Ted loves me. I know he does. But sometimes Ted does bad things… Ted. Lauren. Olivia. Murder. Suspicion. Revenge. Are you ready to step in to #TheLastHouseOnNeedlessStreet? Something resides in the house that is waiting to welcome you…


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