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#OnLiteraryLocation – Cornwall – Darcie Boleyn

  • Submitted: 26th May 2017

A postcard from Conwenna Cove

There’s nothing like a  little jaunt down to Cornwall with a beach set read and some real Cornish charm…Author Darcie Boleyn sends a postcard from Conwenna Cove inspired the by the gorgeous Porthleven..

Inspiration for Conwenna Cove - Porthleven (c) Darcie Boleyn

Inspiration for Conwenna Cove – Porthleven (c) Darcie Boleyn

Booktrail Summer at Conwenna Cove

My inspiration by Darcie Boleyn

I chose Cornwall as the setting for Summer at Conwenna Cove because it is an absolutely beautiful location. It has a dramatic coastline, stunning beaches, pretty fishing harbours, spectacular scenery and a rich and intriguing history.

As a teenager, I enjoyed some amazing family holidays in Porthleven near Helston. We stayed at the Tye Rock Hotel, a beautiful Victorian manor house with panoramic views of the coastline. I can remember lying in bed at night with the window open, listening to the sea lapping at the golden sand of the beach that the hotel overlooked, and feeling an overwhelming sense of peace there that has stayed with me over the years.

Life can be so stressful and hectic, and taking time out to be with loved ones is incredibly important. Holidays can be restorative and allow your body and mind to recuperate from the ups and downs of everyday life.

Cornwall is the perfect place to do this and that’s why being in Conwenna Cove has such a positive effect on the characters in the novel.I had so much fun creating my own Cornish village. I even drew a map, so I’d know where everything was. I wanted to bring the village to life, so I described the setting in plenty of detail, and hopefully, readers will enjoy visiting Conwenna Cove as much as I did. It is a fictional place but it’s based on an amalgamation of Cornish towns and villages I’ve visited, and I came up with the name by researching Cornish names, myths and legends.

If you decide to take a trip to Conwenna Cove this summer, I hope you’ll find the magic of Cornwall, and decide to come back soon.


Thanks Darcie! What’s that? You fancy an icecream? Well, let’s go and enjoy this sunshine. I’ll grab those deckchairs…..and …mine’s a flake! Thanks! 😉


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