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I Will See You Tomorrow in Norway with Heine Bakkeid

  • Submitted: 20th November 2019

Travel with Heine Bakkeid  – I Will See You Tomorrow

It’s off to Norway today to meet Heine – he will miss you tomorrow if not and he’s really looking forward to showing you around his country and the landscape that inspired his new novel.

There’s a BOOKREVIEW to read here but why not just sit down and let’s talk about the literary location with Heine!

BookTrail the locations in I Will Miss You Tomorrow

I Will Miss You Tomorrow Heine Bakkeid

BookTrail the locations in I Will Miss You Tomorrow

What is the setting of your book and why?

The setting of «I will miss you tomorrow» is in The North of Norway (Nord-Troms), one of the locations is a lighthouse on a remote island. I wanted the physical environment to reflect and mirror the mental state of the main character, Thorkild Aske, but also, I’m a storyteller at heart, and want the reading experience to be as immersive as possible, I want the readers to feel as if the are there, in the cold north, on that island, themselves.

Travel to the literary setting of I Will See You Tomorrow with Heine Bakkeid

Nord Troms (c)Wikipedia

BookTrail the locations in I Will Miss You Tomorrow

Did you visit the places in your novel?

I know most of the places in this book from before, but I’m not always anatomically correct in my descriptions of a location, Sometimes I twist and turn reality if I feel it makes the story better. The island where some of the story takes place, is called Vannøya in real life, I changed the name, and some of the topography, (like the distance between the island and the lighthouse) to fit the plot😊

Travel to the literary setting of I Will See You Tomorrow with Heine Bakkeid


BookTrail the locations in I Will Miss You Tomorrow

How important is location to the plot?

The location must match the type of story I tell. Those two elements are deeply intertwined in all my books.

Travel to the literary setting of I Will See You Tomorrow with Heine Bakkeid

Tromso (c) www.visittromso.no

Can readers visit the places in the book and where do you recommend?

Tromsø and Stavanger are both extremely beautiful cities, if you go further north from Tromsø, I would recommend that you do it in a campervan or on a bike or motorcycle in the summer. The landscape is so amazing, and to just park in the middle of nowhere and spend the bright summer night in a tent is highly recommended!

Visit Tromsø here

Can you describe the main themes in your book?

Guilt and redemption and the inevitable change these manifestations force upon you from within. And manipulation, the overarching theme of the whole Thorkild Aske series.

I Will Miss You Tomorrow Heine Bakkeid

How did you research the setting?

Sometimes I go to a certain location, spend time there just to get the right feel of the place, the smells, the weather and environment, other times I have this vision of what I want a place to be and represent and I mix the physical location with this vision. I am a storyteller, that means that I am an excellent liar and totally committed to the story I’m telling.

BookTrail the locations in I Will Miss You Tomorrow

Why do you think Norway is such a good setting for crime dramas?

I think that every place has the same basic potential for a fantastic story, but each with its own unique outcome. For me the north is my home, the place where I grew up, it defines so much of who I am as a person, it influences my dreams, aspirations and nightmares. That is also why I wanted to invite Thorkild to come up here for a visit and see how he would handle the harsh environment. For med, this is the perfect place for a dark, gloomy crime novel.

Heine Bakkeid

Heine Bakkeid

Where do you write and why?

These days I work wherever I am, on the airport, hotel rooms, it doesn’t matter. But usually I sit in my chair in the living room, with the fjord and the mountains outside. I have an office but prefer the living room when I’m alone. Also, my two cats will scratch at my office door all day to see what I’m up to in there, if I don’t.

BookTrail the locations in I Will Miss You Tomorrow

What Norwegian drink and food can you recommend to readers?

To eat: Cloudberries.

To drink: Rudolf & Nissens Julebrus. It’s this red Christmas soda made for kids, but it just the best thing ever made😊

Norway flag

If you lived elsewhere, what would you miss about Norway tomorrow?

The seasons. I can’t really see myself living without them. They are so well defined, each with its own unique color palette and extreme beauty. Living here gives me this inner calm and perspective that I really can’t be without.

That is one interesting insight into your novel’s setting. Thank you so much Heine! I’ve just ordered the Norwegian version to decorate my books in translation shelf.


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