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Bookshop Tours of Britain by Louise Boland

  • Submitted: 17th November 2020

Tour the Bookshops of Britain

This is a book all booklovers need. I do love a trail and a booktrail or two, of course, to see the places the author writes about and where the characters live, but imagine doing a tour of ALL THE BOOKSHOPS!

Louise Boland has put together a wonderful book full of hope and wonder in these troubled times and there are pictures and pictures of bookshops inside and out. Perfect for exploring now when the real life things are sadly shut.

Bookshop Tours of Britain


Here’s the total list of the tours:

Booktrail the locations in Bookshop Tours of Britain

Travel around the country via Bookshops

Here’s the full and wonderful list…….


Scotland Tour – Scottish Borders Tour


N E England Tour – Peak District Tour – England’s Industrial Heartland Tour I and II – Yorkshire Dales Tour – N W to E England Tour

South West England Coastal Tour  –  Bristol and Bath Tour  – Oxford and Cotswolds Tour –


South Wales Coastal Tour – Brecon Beacons, Malvern and Shropshire Hills country – North Wales Tour


South Downs Tour – Hardy’s Wessex Tour – Suffolk and Norfolk Coastal Tour

London – 3 tours and a Bookshop Bagging (G London & England tour)

Bookshop Tours of Britain

Booktrail the locations in Bookshop Tours of Britain

It’s a wonderful book with delightful illustrations and photographs which are going to make you want to visit the bookshops you haven’t yet. And revisit the ones you have. We all know of that allure that a bookshop has and this book captures that magic and more.

There’s lot of literary snippets throughout too such as classic writers and information about settings. There’s a lovely bit about Thomas Hardy’s Wessex for example – a real allure for all fans of classic fiction.

(c) Forum Books

Booktrail the locations in Bookshop Tours of Britain

So who is the wonderful word wizard behind this book?

Louise Boland is the CEO of Fairlight Books and she got the idea for this book while touring the  bookshops, which she has done over the three years since starting Fairlight.

Bookshop Tours of Britain

Bookshop Tours of Britain

Fairlight Books logo

Just looking at this book reminded me of all the wonderful bookstores we have in the UK and why it’s so sad they  are closed now. As Forum Books in Northumberland says ‘There’s nothing quite like a real bookshop” and they’re right. This book shows you just why they are so magical and invaluable. Wouldn’t it be lovely if people bought this book as a gift for either themselves or another bookworm and thereby helped the very bookshops themselves to survive during lockdown.

This book captures the magic and wonder of everything that books are. Travelling around the country and seeing what delights can be found is the perfect bookish dream!


BookTrail Boarding Pass: Bookshop Tours of Britain

Twitter: @FairlightBooksoks  Web: www.fairlightbooks.co.uk/

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