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Thriller hike set in British Columbia

  • Submitted: 9th January 2023

You would be wise to reconsider a camping trip after this. Ha just as well you can travel via fiction and head into the woods and trails of BC with just this book to hand. Staying in the comfort of your armchair might

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Thriller hike set in British Columbia

 BookTrail Travel to The Hiking Trip

Boarding Pass Information: BC

Author guide: Jenny Blackhurst

Genre: thriller

Food and drink to accompany: anything you can carry in a rucksack

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A thriller to put you off camping for life.

Location and style of read

Do you want atmosphere in your thriller?  Then start the New Year off with this beauty. The bit that got me was the setting ( of course). Not only are we camping but I was camping in BC where I really did travel and camp once. Now could this novel be any more relevant to my life? The way the author describes camping life, rituals and sparks that can fly between camp mates was spot on.


I felt uneasy reading this. A camping trip where the trail seemed to lead into the woods and more darkness. The tension around the camp is palpable, the woods give out groans and strange noises. It was as if I was in the novel, in the campsite, so realistic was the setting. I got the feeling I was being watched, but I was on my own a lot of the time. Even when in camp, I was looking at shadows on the tent wall and not really seeing my fellow camp mates.

Fellow travellers/characters

I’m not sure I should have picked this bunch of people to go travellign with. I ip. mean, some are here just as I met them at a bus stop at the start of the trip. Others are friendly but for what reason? There’s all kinds of people on a hike and this one has some very unusual characters. Ones that run into the woods, trek on ahead and don’t necessarily  have the group’s interests at heart.

Would it make me go camping? Haha Not at all, but it would be brilliant to read this whilst in a tent on a mountain with no one to hear you experience this literary camping trip.

 BookTrail Travel to The Hiking Trip

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