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The Littlest Library set in Devon

  • Submitted: 1st March 2021

Visit the littlest library in Middlemass

Glorious. What a lovely idea for a novel. A woman takes a wrong turn and discovers a cute village in Devon. Finds a house for sale and ends up buying it. discovers it comes with a phone box. What will she do with it? clue is in the title but that’s just the start….

Wait until you meet Aidan…

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The Littlest Library set in Devon

Setting: Middlemass, a fictional setting in Devon

BookTrail Travel to the locations in the Littlest Library




You really need to travel to Devon and find the Littlest Library!

What a joy this book is from start to finish. It starts quite poignantly with a woman who’s lived with her gran for some time and cared for her. When her gran dies, Jess wants a new start so she sets off on a road trip. She stumbles across a village and ends up moving there. Well, this really resonated with me as I felt I was Jess, needing a fresh start, having lost someone dear and in search of my own little Middlemass. But in Jess’s shoes or not, this novel will show you just what unexpected twists in the road can mean for anyone..

Jess finds a cottage with a red phone box outside it. Oh, and grumpy but single neighbour. Aidan – but we’ll come back to him later. For now, let’s concentrate on the RED TELEPHONE BOX. I’ve had this dream of buying one myself for years. I’ve also had the dream of having a little library like the one in the book. Poppy Alexander has got in to my head! Now, all I have to do is to meet my very own Aidan haha.

The setting of Middlemass was just glorious and I could picture the lake, the ducks and everything Poppy magicked with her words in to my mind’s eye. There was something very comforting about this book that I loved and that I really needed at this moment.

The library though – Oh my. Poppy you have single-handedly made me want to do this for real. The way the books brought people together, changed the community, made people smile and made Jess feel warm inside. What a book that can do all this and more.

I would have loved this book at any time but right now, in the middle of a pandemic, of a dark time, at a time where I need a hug more than anything else, this story was the light at the end of the tunnel. Does that sound dramatic? Well, it’s true. A hug in a book.

BookTrail Travel to the locations in the Littlest Library



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