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Snow Hare set in Poland by Paula Lichtarowicz

  • Submitted: 23rd January 2023

Before you board on this literary journey – Just read this line for a moment. Is it possible to fall in love at the edge of life? That’s the tag line of this novel. I mean…..

A woman dreams of becoming a doctor until World War II leads her instead into an astonishing love—and a fateful choice.

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Snow Hare set in Poland by Paula Lichtarowicz

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Genre: historical fiction

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The inspiration for this novel was the author’s grandmother and that made me want to read it on its own. This is a unique read and I haven’t read many novels set in Poland so I was very excited to read this.

Location: Poland during the war. What a place. What a place to be alive and to try to survive.

Characters: As Lena lies on her deathbed, she remembers her days as a teenager in Poland. This got me choked up. Thinking that this was Paula’s frandmother in real life made me want to give her a hug. To be able to capture this on paper is quite remarkable and it reads heartfelt and honest.

Atmosphere: I admired the way Lena was so determined to make her way in the world as a doctor. In those times, and being a woman, everything was against her. When the war happens, and what Lena does was remarkable. I couldn’t imagine what she must have been though yet I felt I knew her a little. A woman across time and language, yet I felt her humanity and humility. The writing was raw and honest and it was both heartwarming and heartbreaking.

The title Snow Hare has a special meaning and that becomes clear when reading the novel. Once in the camp, Lena makes a choice about herself and her family. I had tears in my eyes and tension in my heart at this point.

Such a raw and moving novel. Very unique with a fresh insight into war and the tragedy faced by women then.

The sparse cover of the front gives this novel the ideal setting for what you experience once inside.

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