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Locked Room mystery set in the French Alps – Ruth Ware

  • Submitted: 22nd October 2020

One by One with Ruth Ware

Ruth Ware is the Queen of chilly landscapes in fiction and settings to make your skin crawl. So, I was interested in reading her latest novel One by One. I also fancied a skiing holiday in the French Alps to be honest, so off I went…

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You’d want to go on work retreat with Snoop, the company which takes its staff on a wonderful skiing retreat to the French Alps! Actually, strike that as Ruth Ware is the team leader who kills the characters off one by one. Haha just as well the ski resort in question is fictional. Ruth Ware does build up a very inviting landscape (minus the murders) though. The lodge is perfect, the views amazing and the skiing to die for…erm a little too literarily.

I do enjoy a locked room mystery and Ruth has offered quite a few where you have no idea how the characters are going to get out and who in fact is the culprit. The work gang are trapped and then the electricity goes, the snow arrives and the fear begins. There is some resemblance to Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, but it’s a vague one in my mind.

Locked Room mystery set in the French Alps - Ruth Ware

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The characters all work for Snoop, an App that allows a person to see what music others are listening to. They’re here to decide its future amidst conflict over a buyout. think tension, underhand dealing and stress. Add in a closed environment and an avalanche and you have an immersive reading experience.

Erin, a chalet girl t tells the story as she is on scene so to speak but not in the company group. What she and Liz, a minor investor in the company, have to say  is very interesting indeed. The rest of the characters all have their interactions but I didn’t find them as interesting or as neatly drawn. If you put them to one side or in the background and concentrate on the plot and thrills however, then this is a good read.

The strength of this novel is all about the setting, the feelings it gives the readers and the chill factor.

BookTrail Travel to locations in One by One


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