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Ghostly tale set on the haunted shore of Orford Ness

  • Submitted: 15th October 2020

Haunted Suffolk with Neil Spring

Neil Spring is my go to author for any true life tales to freak me out. He’s already taken me to the most haunted house in Britain, to the banks of Loch Ness to see where a leader of the occult lived and  a small village with ghostly goings on…

All based on real fact too…

This time it’s Orford Ness, a vast expanse of land down in Suffolk where ghosts of soldiers from the war are still said to wander…

Ghostly tale set on the haunted shore of Orford Ness

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Neil Spring I salute you. I love stories where there’s fact and fiction mixed with mystery. Add a little bit of supernatural and ghostly goings on and you have a great reading experience. Spookily, this novel was inspired by the events of Orford Ness – a wilderness in Suffolk that because of its past, has acquired quite  a reputation. A reputation for radar and  the transmission of radio programmes. Honestly, can you magine a place where the Military and the BBC  had vested interests?

According to popular conspiracy theories, it is here where Nazi troops invaded England. It was near Shingle Street where they were shot back by a wall of fire. What a setting for a story!

Ghostly tale set on the haunted shore of Orford Ness

BookTrail Travel to locations in The Haunted Shore

Lizzy in the novel used to live in Shingle Street and she returns at the start of the story. However, now, she finds her father’s new carer, Hazel, very odd a. Before long, she starts to hear and see things she can’t explain. Overall, there’s a great sense of foreboding and fear. Hazel seems to be ruling the roost and her father seems completely under her power rather than her care. As the novel progresses, we see Lizzy slowly loose her grip on reality, and start to question everyone and everything. Cleverly, the author keeps her and you the reader in the dark throughout to create a very immersive and spooky reading experience. Honestly , this really is perfect for Halloween.

I do love Neil Spring’s novels. Where does he find these true stories? BookTrail this at your peril!

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