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BookTrail Travels with books in February

  • Submitted: 2nd February 2020

Travel with some LOVEly books this February

It’s the month of love isn’t it? The love of BOOKS that is. Single or not, you can always rely on a good date with a book and there are some very fine reads delivering all you need for a cosy night in.

What’s on the menu this February?

BookTrail Travels with books in February

For starters: Irish salad with deadly island dressing

There’s a wedding in this novel and it’s set on an island. You’re invited….but someone is not going to leave THIS party….alive that is. There’s secrets stewing in this book and plenty of resentment bubbling under the surface. Get a taste of what’s on THIS wedding feast!

The Guest List by Lucy Foley


BookTrail Travels with books in February



BookTrail Travels with books in February

Cambridgeshire coq au vin

Between Two Evils by Eva Dolan

Meaty subjects and plenty to chew over in this one. The new Eva Dolan novel is out this month and it’s a tale set mainly in a female detention centre.. lots to ponder over and a novel to savour.

BookTrail Travels with books in February

Polish love stew

Swimming in the Dark by Tomasz Jedrowski

Savour this love story set in Poland between two young men. It’s a historical and conetemporary read with a special love story at its heart.

BookTrail Travels with books in February

German Gorefest

The Oath by Klaus Peter Wolf

An atmospheric and chilling crime thriller from German bestselling author, Klaus-Peter Wolf. Might want to not read this if actually eating however as it contains a severed head…A gory, bloody steak of a novel.

BookTrail Travels with books in February

Historical Fare

The Foundling by Stacey Halls

There’s so much to love about this novel. It’s full of flavour, mouth-opening moments, sprinkled with shocks and feeling with a aftertaste that stays with you which will leave you wanting more…



BookTrail Travels with books in February

Summer pudding

A Year Without Summer by Guinevere Glasfurd

IT’s an explosion of taste from the start – for real life events, people and a historical event on an island. Lots to savour here and a very immersive novel that will  really have you exploring new tastes in your reading.


So thee’s just one thing for it – Tuck in and enjoy!

Keep an eye out for the specials with author chefs during the month too!

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