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Books to lookout for during Lockdown – Greek Special

  • Submitted: 12th June 2020

Lookout for these reads during lockdown

Books to lookout for during Lockdown – Greek Special – We can’t travel at the moment – BUT we can TRAVEL VIA BOOKS! Sadly we can’t travel to book launches either but there’s so many good virtual ones at the moment. The best way to support authors has never changed though – it’s to buy their book and leave a review.

I feel sorry for the authors missing out on book tours and library visits etc SO here are a few authors whose books I want to highlight for their literary travel potential.

Books to lookout for during Lockdown

So, grab your passport (ie book) and settle in for your flight to one or more of these lovely places. Don’t forget there are NO travel restrictions with these journeys! Take them all! For the price of a book:

It’s all a bit GREEK at the moment out there to what better time to go to that very place via a book!

As Greek as it Gets by Sue Roberts

As Greek as it Gets sue roberts

That cover! Makes you want to grab your straw hat and bag and head down to that beach. That’s what Alice does as she’s getting married and so wants her hen do in sunny, sandy Greece! Problem is, she discovers that life here is much more relaxed and exciting than at home. She may have a man waiting for her but he’s quite controlling. Life her in sunny Greece would be much calmer wouldn’t it?


The Greek Holiday by Maeve Haran

The Greek holiday maeve haran

That Maeve Haran is lovely isn’t she? Offering a holiday in Greece ?

Four friends go on holiday but they end up taking more baggage than they perhaps should have done. They get there and soon realise that they have been been keeping secrets from each other and that now might be the time they should come out…. There’s  a look of inward thinking here, thinking about the past, what could have been and what should have been and regrets galore. These woman take time out each other to discover what is important. Sounds very apt for these strange times in which we live.

Greek Island by Patricia Wilson


Greek island escape patricia wilson

Very moving this one!

Three women tell their stories. There’s Megan who is sleeping rough in Manchester trying to get to Crete to see her grandmother. Zoe is looking for her . And Sofia is searching for the baby she had to give up at birth. All three women end up in Greece but it’s the journey that you will never forget. The destination is pretty stunning and that cover is to die for!

There’s a side to history here that you might not have read about before and a moving story that will bring you to tears.


Happy lockdown reading 

Hope you can travel to Greece and help celebrate these books!

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