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Bookreview of Arctic Curry Club by Dani Redd

  • Submitted: 2nd December 2021

Warm up with some Arctic curry

A visit to the arctic is your travel destination for today. Chilling setting with a warm heart and some even warmer curry.

BookTrail the locations in Arctic Curry Club

The Arctic curry club Dani Redd

Boarding Pass Information : The Arctic Curry Club

Destination : Arctic – Norway’s Svalbard. Snowy landscape.

Author guide: Dani Redd

Genre: Warm and hearty

Food and drink to accompany: Curry and something alcoholic




BookTrail the locations in Arctic Curry Club

The title of this book intrigued me from the start. You don’t expect to find curry and the Arctic together do you? Something hot and cold like this? Sounded very quirky and it made me want to read it.

Well, the arctic landscape was a great pull. It’s dark all the time, snowy, a tough and harsh environment and cold. The warm comes from the curry and the dogs! So cute. I immediately wanted to be on that sledge. The sense of place and sense of atmosphere was very well drawn and captures the essence of that part of the world.

It’s so well written that by the time you get to the food, you are going to want to eat curry in real life to warm yourself up. Spic overtones and warm, rich aromas were just mouth watering. That’s coming from someone who doesn’t like curry!

The book cover gives an impression of a cosy read but I was pleasantly surprised to find it delved into some really serious and dark areas. There’s a mental health thread and talk of suicide. Maya has challenges being of British and India descent. She is anxious and finds it hard to adapt to the new lifestyle her boyfriend loves. He, for example, studies polar bears. Now that was an interesting part of the novel!

A lovely surprise of a novel that suggests one thing but draws you in and gives you one nice surprise and reading treat after another.

BookTrail the locations in Arctic Curry Club


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BookTrail Boarding Pass:  The Arctic Curry Club

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