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The Black Friday Book Trail

  • Submitted: 25th November 2016

“The only thing a book worm would queue for is a good book”

Well that’s our philosophy as there’s nothing that would get a book worm out of bed at 6am unless they’d been reading something that’s kept them up all night. They’re more likely to stay in bed and stay reading quite frankly. The only good thing about queuing is the quiet reading time that it allows.

Ss if you’re going to avoid the shops (staying in with a good book) or chance the queues (taking a good book with you) we’ve a BlackFriday Booktrail package to win!

Black Friday Booktrail

Black Friday Booktrail – win this and one more book from the 5 trails


There are 5 clues in total to follow – –  but you do have to wait until Saturday for clue 4 and Sunday for clue 5 to make it seem like a BlackFriday Booktrail bonanza.

*Visit each of the Trails below and get the answer from the booktrail maps. Each of the links below will take you to the map you need to get the answers from*

Trail one: Good Girls Don’t Tell (Stockholm, Argentina)

Where is the name of the square in Beunos Aires, Argentina where Carlos owns a bookstand?

Trail Two:  Cousins (Cambridge)

Some one reads a book and thinks she recognises the spires as being those of which chapel in Cambridge?

Trail Three: Little Sister (Amsterdam) 

On which street is the De Eland Cafe which inspired the one in the book?

Trail Four: Her Darkest Nightmare (Alaska)

What is the small town called where the asylum is located?

Trail Five: Saving Phoebe Murrow (Washington DC)

Near which park do the family live in the novel?


Booktrailing from the comfort of your own home. Stay inside over this Black Friday weekend and travel by book instead! You will win a #BAMB bag and two very dark reads. PLUS one surprise which will be a book from the 5 trails..

Send all FIVE answers via the contact form on this site –SEND ANSWERS HERE


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