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Black – Book Cover – Friday

  • Submitted: 24th November 2017

Black Friday is not for everyone. Book lovers often prefer to stay in doors reading. So, with that in mind,here are some covers with black covers to have your very own Black book Friday…

Black Friday


Black Friday

Rome, Cremona – Kill the Father

Aptly this book has kill in the title which is often what people feel when trying to make their way through the shops. Put all your energy into this book instead and track down a murderer who’s  back for vengeance…

Bavaria, Germany – The Murder Farm

Talk about a dark subject – this is a murder mystery based on the real life case of an entire family who were murdered in their farm house in Bavaria. It’s a fictional story but since you know it’s based on true facts, the extra creepy factor is very evident

Oxfordshire – Purged 

It’s not just the cover that’s dark. This is seriously dark in theme too. It’s written by a minister and delves into some dark religiously motivated crimes and thankfully it’s set in a fictional village just outside of Oxford as even the buildings seem to have death wishes -“Its centuries-old spire crumbled at the edges, threatening to topple over at any point and spike someone in the heart”

Moscow – The Sin Collector

If it’s dark you’re after, what about a city plagued by bodies displayed at major sites….and a killer on the loose, guided by sacred texts?

Imber, Salisbury, The Lost Village

Dark on the cover and very dark inside. The village is real, the settings are real and the ghostly apparitions real too…..


So, why not stay indoors this Friday and infact the entire weekend and curl up and go to a fictional dark place instead…

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