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Travel the literary locations of Neil Spring

  • Submitted: 15th December 2018

There are many authors who take readers to the darkest and spookiest places they have ever been. However the literary locations of Neil Spring are something very unique. They are real places with spooky stories of their own. Places shut down, abandoned or even demolished after the stories of ghostly goings on. Neil Spring’s literary locations are houses and buildings you would have to be very brave to go to on your own. Neil Spring is like the intrepid explorer of the Book World.


So, if you’re brave enough, here are the literary locations of Neil Spring…..

The Ghost Hunters- Neil SpringLiterary Location : Borley Rectory Essex

England – Essex – Borley Rectory – The Ghost Hunters – Neil Spring

This was the house and rectory which was said to be the most haunted house in England. The inhabitants of the house call in a ghost hunter, a real life figure called Harry Price, to look at the house and rid it of the ghosts or spirits inside. Neil takes this premise and explores it further, taking you into the very house (which burned down many years ago) and around the room, via every creaky floorboard and every slamming door.

Visiting tips: The house no longer exists but the legend remains…

BookTrail tips: Don’t read in the dark and look behind you at all times. This was made into a TV show starring Rafe Spall.


The Watchers Neil Spring

Literary Location : Broadhaven, Wales

 Wales – Pembrokeshire -Broadhaven – The Watchers – Neil Spring

Do you believe in flying saucers? Whatever you believe in or not, this is a very compelling story. Back in 1977, the people of a Welsh coastal village were at the centre of some unexplained events. Events which might prove that there is something, someone trying to make contact with earth….

Neil takes you to the school where the UFO was spotted and delves into the community there, how they reacted, what they felt like and it’s compelling stuff!

Visiting tips: You can visit the area and see for yourself!

BookTrail tips: When you next look into the sky, what is that bright shining light? What was that flicker? Are you sure there is nothing else out there?


The Lost Village Neil Spring

Literary Location : Imber, the lost village of Imber

England – Salisbury – Imber – The Lost Village – Neil Spring

This was REALLY exciting as it wasn’t about a single house or a school or even sightings of any kind, but an entire village. It’s a real village too which is even hard to find on any map. You can’t even place the google man on any where near the village! It’s very secretive and of course that makes it all the more alluring.  In 1943 the population of Imber had a measly 47 days notice to move from their homes to allow the village to be used for the military purposes.  Everyone in the village had to move out. Officials promised them they could return one day. However, the village remains a ghost town  set aside for military purposes.

Visiting tips: You can only visit on tours and on certain days of the year (see website on BookTrail page for details)

BookTrail tips: If you can go here, take this book. What an experience that would be!

The Burning House - Neil Spring

Literary Location : Boleskine House, Loch Ness, Scotland

Scotland – Loch Ness – Boleskine House – The Burning House – Neil Spring

This is the latest book and I for one, am very excited. I have been to Loch Ness many time and have passed by this house several times to try and catch a view of it.  It’s private property so not somewhere you can visit. However, the other mystery of this book touches upon the allure of Loch Ness and the eerie light that shines upon it. Not to mention the monster of course!

There’s a secret underground passageway from the house to the graveyard, a house shrouded by mist on the banks of a loch, a remote location and that allure of the most famous mythical creature of then all.

Visiting tips: You can’t as it’s private property. Drive past though and see an outline of what is left of the house. Visit Drumnadrochit and the museum about the monster and allure of the loch. This place is eerily silent most days – beautiful but ethereal as well.


Neil Spring is the scariest Literary Guide I’ve ever known but he knows how to grab you with the story, stab you with the setting and bury you in a mystery of all mysteries!


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