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Man up a mountain – Stephen Hui – Canada

  • Submitted: 21st June 2018

A man up a mountain is a good man to interview

He’s got tons of advice about climbing, enjoying the great outdoors and seeing things you might not normally think to appreciate..

Plus he’s dangling off a mountain so has a tendency for quick fire answers and no nonsense advice!

Wait till you hear about the alternative use for a map!

BookTrail it here – 105 Hikes

(c) Stephen Hui

(c) Stephen Hui

How did you choose 105 Hikes In and Around Southwestern British Columbia?

The idea was to highlight a selection of worthwhile trails north, east, south, and west of Vancouver. I decided the hikes had to be doable in a day on foot and accessible as a day or weekend trip. Then it was a matter of compiling a list of interesting trails, and hiking as many of them as possible by deadline.

Crown Mountain (c) Stephen Hui

Crown Mountain (c) Stephen Hui

BookTrail it here – 105 Hikes

What’s special or unique about hiking in this region of the world?

Folks from elsewhere are often impressed by the ruggedness of our trails. Some of these trails are accessible by public transit from the city. There’s the combination of the coast, the rainforest, and the mountains. There are so many hikes within striking distance of Vancouver. You’ll never run out of options.

What advice or tips can you give about exploring the area?

Always be prepared for rain. Be aware that you’ll most likely be out of cell phone range in the backcountry. Before setting out, consult trail reports, check avalanche and weather forecasts, and take note of sunset time. Make sure to leave a trip plan with a reliable person. Don’t forget to pack the 10 essentials. Please respect wildlife and the environment by practicing minimum-impact hiking.

Mount Steele (c) Stephen Hui

Mount Steele (c) Stephen Hui

BookTrail it here – 105 Hikes

Do you have any funny stories ?

Nine days into a 10-day, 178-kilometre hike on the Sunshine Coast Trail, I ran out of toilet paper. There was no way I could hold it until the next outhouse at Rainy Day Lake, so I sacrificed part of the map for the cause.

Another time, a member of my hiking party got spooked when I returned to our hut in the middle of the night after some stargazing. She thought I was a bear — climbing up the ladder to the sleeping loft.

Rainbow Lake (c) Stephen Hui

Rainbow Lake (c) Stephen Hui – Spot the bear or is it Stephen?

Do you enjoy the idea of being a literary tour guide?

People are always asking me for hiking and camping recommendations, so it’s pretty amazing to be able to point them to my guidebook. 105 Hikes is the book I dreamed about writing for years.

What’s the most stunning thing about your home province?

From the Insular Mountains to the Rockies, the Western Cordillera blankets most of B.C. So it’s all about the mountains here.

Stowamus Chief Mountain (c) Stephen Hui

Stowamus Chief Mountain (c) Stephen Hui


And with that, Stephen’s arm is set to go into spasm if he doesn’t move and get to the next mountain soon. So I leave him there as I’m hoisted off the mountain via helicopter to the nearest cafe for some rest and relaxation. These mountains are fascinating but I think I’ll stick to the book and let Stephen climb the peaks.

STill, there’s plenty nice walks to enjoy and if you bring a flask of tea, you get the best of both worlds!!

THANKS STEPHEN!! (I have to shout, he’s dangling off a very tall mountain )


BookTrail Boarding Pass: 105 Hikes in and Around Southwestern British Columbia

Twitter: @StephenHui

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